Thalia Nuttall Takes NAF Shining Star Award for December 2015

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Thalia Nuttall December 2015 436x291 - Thalia Nuttall Takes NAF Shining Star Award for December 2015

Thalia Nuttall December 2015 300x261 - Thalia Nuttall Takes NAF Shining Star Award for December 2015Young showjumper Thalia Nuttall from Skegness, Lincolnshire has been given the NAF Shining Star Award for December 2015 as a result of the enthusiasm and support that she demonstrated during her time in the Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire Academy.

Thalia, who is aged just nine, was nominated for the award by UKCC Level 3 Coach Joanne Burns-Firth. Joanne had the following to say about her nominee “Thalia is an absolute pleasure to have as part of the academy. She is always polite and well-presented and she is also known for being helpful. Thalia often helps with course building and pole picking and she does this alongside working hard on the NAF Pony Five Star Performance Awards Programme.”

Having started out on donkeys, Thalia soon progressed on to riding ponies and she has been a British Showjumping member since October 2014. Thalia loves the buzz that she gets from showjumping and enjoyed a successful first year of membership, qualifying for both the British Showjumping National Championships and the Scope Festival (UK) Supreme Championships. 

Thalia has found that the Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire Academy has been a useful environment for not only introducing her to the sport but also for the fantastic training opportunities that it provides.

Upon learning that she had become a NAF Shining Star, a happy Thalia said “I did not even know that I had been nominated, so to have won is really exciting! I love doing my NAF Pony Five Star Awards and I work through the booklet both at home with Mum and in training sessions with Jo, I’m hoping to achieve all five awards. I also really like being part of the academy as I enjoy watching others ride and we get to do lots of fun competitions. I’ve made lot of friends who I then get to see at shows. I am also really excited about doing more competitions this year as I would like to try and qualify for Pony of the Year Show.”

Thalia will kindly receive some NAF equine products to use alongside the products and supplements that she currently uses which include Oestress for the support of hormone balance in mares and Muck Off for removing stubborn stable stains.

Melissa Newman, NAF Brand Manager, further commented “What a great accolade for the helpful Thalia, it just goes to show that being polite and working hard really does pay off. Thalia is clearly very deserving of the Shining Star Award, well done!”

The NAF Shining Star Award was introduced when NAF became a British Showjumping Business Partner. The award is for members of a Junior Academy who have shown a great deal of commitment, progression and outstanding behaviour along with their riding ability and much more. Riders are nominated by their lead coach, and then judged and awarded by NAF to one person each month.

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