Team Tottie polo player Anna Ward gives us an insight into what she has been up to this month.

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Well this month has been a little better in terms of polo! Having a great time at my new club, and the horses have turned into different ponies, I definitely think full time turnout has made them much more relaxed and chilled out, they have such a set routine and have become so well behaved- I’ve fallen in love even more with them!

 I had one weekend off polo due to work commitments but was a good chance to give the ponies a week off before the chaos starts for the next four weeks!

 This week I had my first polo lesson of the season; I’ve had a few lessons with all different people over the past four years and its difficult to find someone who wants you to improve as well as been honest and helpful. Matias is just that! He’s a 2 goal argentine professional who I’m working closely with this season as we share Eduardo to look after our horses, he’s been watching me all season so far, so when I said I have time for a lesson he had lots of ammunition to go at! He’s very honest and (don’t tell him) but pretty much right all the time in terms of polo! I had a great lesson first half on Chalita second on Brazilia whilst Eduardo stick and balled Noemi at 100MPh for me!  It’s really helped my polo and I think if I have a few more lessons every now and then it will improve my game.

 Lola & I had a great time watching the Eventing team in the Olympics this week – here’s Lola getting into the spirit for team GBR! My family & I head down next week to the athletics stadium so I’m very excited about that.


Having a great few weeks exercising the ponies on the lovely evenings we are having – finally were seeing some improvement on the weather!


Last weekend we headed down to Rugby Polo Club to play in a -2 tournament, it was a great first run out for the ponies in their first away tournament – can you believe in July! Just mad! I haven’t minded too much because I’ve been able to play in every chukka at Beverley polo club because Eduardo helps so much with the horses I can finish work at 5 and play at 6 which is just a dream! Its also enabled me to have more time for family & friends and also more importantly work to be able to afford everything!! J so there’s plus sides to everything I guess!


We played a super strong team on the Saturday against two very good 1 goalers and strong members; we won to put us into the final, we really got it together as a team on the Sunday and I switched positions to play at 3 in defence, this worked much better than the Sunday as I can work with Matias to protect our goal, although I didn’t feel like I had any fantastic moments of greatness I was a good ‘back door’ and whilst we had scored 5 goals the other team was yet to score so I was thrilled with my play and we actually won by 6 goals, the ponies went fantastically well and it was a great fun and friendly team it was a fantastic feeling to be back on Chalita in a tournament after her year off.


I’ve just started to bring Roxy back into work – she was already to come back into work when my new farrier had sliced her feet a little short and she got a foot abscess! So unlucky but that’s just how it goes, here she is at home ready to start work in the arena.


At the weekend I head to Rutland Polo Club to play in a 2 goal competition so I am so excited about that, fingers crossed the weather stays bright – the forecast can you believe is not looking great at the moment but very excited to finally get to play the ponies!


Lola has been a great help not!! Here she is cuddled up on my bandages not letting me roll them for the tournament.


She really wants to be part of the Tottie Squad – look at her here!


The week after I’m heading back to my old club to play in the Yorkshire Open Championship so really looking forward to taking the ponies back to White Rose, who have a fantastic pitch and I’m looking forward to the ponies seeing my old groom Toro and all my friends who I used to play with and all their family members so what will be no doubt a tough competition on the pitch I really cant wait, I have a great fun team too what I’m really looking forward to playing with, I’ve made some fantastic friends at Beverley and look forward to playing in some great teams and having lots of fun in the coming four weeks!


Very exciting end of month news – New pony joins the squad! Rosita! She is a coloured 8 year old argentine mare, it was a bit of a last minute purchase really, wasn’t even thinking of a new pony, but she was at my club for one of the members to sell for her old owner who was giving up polo she was due to go south the day I bought her and after only sitting on her for 30 minutes and not playing a chukka on her I knew she would be a fantastic horse for me! Having now played her in a chukka I’m absolutely over the moon and she is a pony what I will have so much fun on! I can’t wait to send you a picture of her she is an absolute sweetie so I’m very excited for my polo for the rest of the season with her, Chalita isn’t so sure I think she thinks it’s a cow!! but Brazilia seems very taken with her as usual!


Mollie, who is great and has been stick and balling and will play her first chukkas this week but in a few weeks I will now be putting her up for sale, so I’m looking for a good up and coming player for her or a professional player, she has everything going for her as she’s super intelligent and I’m sure she is destined to be a great polo pony, sadly now I cant keep them all what with time and money so I’m looking to find someone with a little more experience for her to further her education.


Ill keep you updated with how I get on over the next few weeks.


Have a great month Love Anna x

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