Team Tottie polo player Anna Ward gives us an insight into what she has been up to this month.

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Anna Tottie logo RGB 750x426 - Team Tottie polo player Anna Ward gives us an insight into what she has been up to this month.

Anna Tottie_logo RGBHi Everyone,

Well what a super wet start to the summer we are having – I can’t believe it – I was meant to start playing three weeks ago but with the weather it’s been really difficult I haven’t played on grass yet!

I’ve had a big change to my polo season this year and I’ve moved to another Polo Club, My old club got so big it took over another polo pitch down the road to the main club and for most of the season all the chukkas are to be played there and it’s very hard work to move the ponies three times a week all on my own, tack up and play and I just wasn’t enjoying it as much as I used to as I’d have to give myself three hours just to get them ready which wasn’t good for either me or the ponies. So I really needed a livery and some help and facilities which were located all in one place. My ponies are always super hyped up (never the easiest) and I decided I needed a little more help and different facilities to be able to ride the ponies more. I hope that in another year or so when I can work from my yard to go back to White Rose but we will see how the season goes!

It took me weeks and week to make the choice as I leave some of my very good friends behind, but now I am based at the Beverley Polo Club in East Yorkshire for the coming season and hope to make lots of new ones.

So I’ve started my yearly season diary which my friend Rich told me about doing when I first started, it’s a really great idea to write down what exercise I and the ponies do, their feeds, when they get shod, wormed and dentists visits etc – it’s a really great idea and I also write down every tournament I play in and what the result was and how the horses went, I keep up to this daily and then it really helps me for next years season – I recommend everyone keeping a horsey diary! Anna Polo Diary

So all the horses are back together which makes me so happy! – Here they all are munching away in their new home!

I’m super excited about the season now and really did make the right move as they have a huge indoor playing arena which has been a lifesaver with this weather! I’ve been able to exercise the ponies on an evening and I played last weekend too in my first chukkas! Anna Polo Arena

We’ve also just finished designing the new Tottie Team Shirts! They will be in super hot pink – I can’t wait to see them in the flesh! Thanks everyone for all your answers on the facebook page too!

Tottie Team Away[1]

Roxy & Brazillia have been fab and the chukkas have been such good fun! I’ve never played polo in an indoor arena before and neither have the ponies and they were brilliant – I used my new mallets too and they played really nicely. So I’m so excited to hit a proper ball with them soon – hopefully!

Anna Mallets

I had a lesson out on the grass last week; my mum got me it as a present as she’d seen an offer on the internet, it was the first time I got on the grass and the polo coach wanted me to do 60 balls of penalties – not really what I was hoping on doing – after not hitting a hard ball in 6 months to then hit 60 was a little too much for my arm and hand but I did it and thought of the good practice and he made it in to a competition which I won! Never one to shy away from a competition!!– Lots of heat balm was needed and within a day I was fine! – pheww!



So my season was getting off to a great start but as always things can change within days and it now hasn’t got off to the best start with the ponies – and the trend from last season has certainly followed me into this season sadly!! Horses, hey!

Roxy is coming home to me in a few days as the vet doesn’t think she’s quite 100%. She’s lost a lot of weight and condition as she has been stabled for the start of the season with the weather and needs full turn out and some serious TLC which I can’t wait to give her. She will be back but she needs looking after for the next few weeks and some physiotherapy sessions to build and strengthen up her muscles. It was so cold at the start of the season I think she has got a little run-down even though she was piled high with super warm Masta rugs on, she’s such a softy. As she’s playing fit anyway she luckily can afford to have a few weeks off as she won’t take too long to get fit again so that’s a positive!

My new club offers me full time turnout which is superb for Brazilia and Chalita – but Chalita being Chalita has got a little over excited in the field and cut her heal with her other front foot – it could only happen to Chalita! – It’s quite bad so she needs to be rested for a few weeks and kept out of the fields (they are so wet!) and can start going back on the walker soon and hopefully back in work in a few weeks. I haven’t sat on her yet but the girls have who are riding her for me through the day and say she feels great – she’s never looked better, she looks amazing!

So I’m back to two from four in a week! Its always upsetting but it’s the start of the season and not much is happening with the weather so I’m not worrying too much, I just want the horses feeling good and going well and happy that’s far more important than my polo, my horses always come first.

So with two of the horses out for a little while I decided to pull out my trusty fifth horse Woody out of the garage! And I have moved him outside for full time turnout into a little yard at the back where I can practice all my shots in the rain as it has been these past few weeks! I’ve also given my brother a few lessons – he doesn’t usually look so wild – but I made him work really hard; he never missed a ball and has an amazing shot – he would be a very good polo player!!!

My friend Riki is coming back to play with me for a tournament this season so we are busy booking that in too so that will be great fun and something to look forward to!

Lola’s been up to the polo lots and has enjoyed making new friends! She’s really getting used to her coat too – she needed it and I think she now understands what it’s for!

So another blow to my week this weekend when I woke up on Tuesday and couldn’t actually move, it has to be one of the most scariest times ever – I had no idea what it was – turns out I have a pinched nerve in my neck which is THE most painful thing ever! Just when I was getting going this comes on! All the tablets and injections have been really upsetting my stomach and have sent my appetite low and generally have just been feeling rubbish – on the plus side I’ve lost all my winter weight so I’m feeling fitter generally. The doctors said I had to rest and lie flat for a week with polo starting back in four weeks depending on how I feel – it’s only been 5 days so far and I’m feeling like chukkas could be a possibility this weekend! 

I’ve had a few calls from a few people about games this season but I haven’t made any choices yet. I missed a four goal this weekend due to my neck and I was even offered to arrive and play and use borrowed horses because of my handicap, which is a real compliment! I’m not ready anyway to play on grass just yet and need to get my ponies going well first – and me back fit!

On a good note Roxy is home and getting fat already; she’s had her first Physiotherapy session from a good friend of mine and when I turned her out she ran off and was bucking so she clearly is feeling better, My dad is feeding her well (he loves to feed poorly horses) so I’m sure she will be back in no time! I start with my Physiotherapy tomorrow too so fingers crossed it’s good news for me too!

Chalita’s wound looks great and she can start trotting this week and I have started to feel better and can actually turn my head left! Yay! I really feel like I’m back! The good thing is it’s given me lots of time to relax and do nothing and I’ve had lots of lovely cuddles with Lola on the sofa so I’ve been really happy – I’ve also watched all the high goal polo matches of last year which I had recorded on Sky but never had the time to watch so I have lots of questions to ask my new polo coach when he arrives from Argentina this week!

Hopefully when I get going again in a few weeks I can also start to work on Mollie my youngster; she is looking amazing at the moment and I think she will be a really promising addition to me in the future.

Well reading back over my diary, this month’s dairy sounds like a real A&E yard! The best thing for me is to stay positive and I’m hoping for a much better May – Luckily for me no one is really playing on grass yet and all the tournaments have been postponed so that’s good for me so I can take the time to get better and get the ponies going nicely.

I also have been working on some video diaries for the next month so looking forward to getting them finished for you to really meet my ponies and see me play!!

Much Love Anna xx

Anna Wooden Horse


anna Practise

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