Team Fredericks Install Fodder Solutions Feeding System

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The horses at Team Fredericks are enjoying fresh, clean and nutritious feed from the revolutionary Fodder Solutions feeding system as they prepare for a busy season. Clayton and Lucinda have been using the feed on some of their top performers for several months, and have seen great changes since switching them onto the fodder. They are excited at the prospect of having the whole yard on a fresh fodder diet. Fodder Solutions1 300x151 - Team Fredericks Install Fodder Solutions Feeding System
“I am very impressed with the way the horses are on the Fodder Solutions feed, particularly in their temperament. They are working really well, and they are galloping with plenty of energy but without all the fight at the beginning”, says Clayton.
Clayton first saw the Fodder Solutions system in Australia, and with sales of over 1100 systems worldwide, it is the leader in fodder production systems. Now manufactured here in the UK, the users of the system are reporting great improvements in their horses since switching them onto a fresh fodder diet.
“I wanted something that was cost effective and Fodder Solutions seemed to make a lot of sense. Initially it was the cost benefit that attracted me, and even if it was not for the top horses I felt that it still made sense as the basis for feeding the yard”, says Clayton.
The feed is based on placing barley seed in specifically designed trays inside the system, and as the trays slide through the system from one end to the other, the seed is irrigated and temperature controlled providing the ideal conditions for the seeds to sprout into an 8Kg mat of grass. The growing process takes 6 days and the system provides a consistent, daily supply of fresh feed.
“I have generally found that the horses are a lot stronger and more supple, but in a relaxed way. I like the fact that I can increase quite significantly the amount of protein in their diet to build muscle without the risk of tying up. On the day after they have galloped they come out soft and supple. The mares can get very stressy but they have been much more settled. One of the mares is not the easiest in the world but it has worked well – her muscle development is very good, she is relaxed, lean and fit.
I have been feeding it to my Olympic hopefuls and the benefits are huge, not just the cost savings but also it is better for their digestion, their coats are doing really well and there is plenty of flexibility of altering the seed mix for more protein”, explains Clayton.
Clayton’s vet is also enthusiastic. “In the build up to the 2012 eventing season, Clayton Fredericks’ horses have been primarily fed by Fodder Solutions hydroponic feeding system. The horses are in great condition, both physically and mentally with no dietary or enteric problems in training. Two horses that have been very prone to tying up issues in the past have done exceptionally well on this feed”. Well-known racing and eventing vet, Clive Hamblin, MRCVS.
Feeding the fodder is easy; the 8Kg mat is pulled from the system and taken to the stables. There the mat is put in the feeders and the horses happily get stuck in, eating the whole mat with no waste. For those in competition, additional seeds can be sprouted, including sunflower and lupin, these seeds are sprinkled on top of the barley seeds and provide higher levels of protein, oil and starch required for the work that top competition horses are required to perform.
Clayton recalls how much the horses enjoy the fodder: “The feed is very palatable – it is a bit different to eat and to begin with they did not seem quite sure about eating the whole mat – but once they know how to eat it they just chuff in! If you walk down the stables carrying a mat, they all want it!
Fodder Solutions systems are equally suited to small and large yards, with a range of sizes providing a cost efficient and time saving feed solution. The smallest Fodder Solutions systems produce 25kg of feed per day and are ideal for small and private yards, larger units are available capable of producing up to 500kg per day and bespoke systems can be manufactured to any size.
“We currently have several systems of various sizes feeding horses in UK and Irish yards, from racing and carriage horses to happy hackers. The feed is proving itself to be cost effective and very beneficial to horses, which is shown in their condition and performance. Our customers have reported excellent coat condition, superb hoof growth and strength, excellent energy levels without fizziness, fast recovery levels, good weight maintenance and improved general health as well as a reduction in feed costs. The yard owners who have switched to a Fodder Solutions system see how happy their horses are on the feed and wouldn’t be without it!”, says Fodder Solutions Sales Manager, Liam McGreevy.
For more information, visit, or call 024 7660 8088.

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