Take a deep breath this season

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Nedz Pro High Res 686x426 - Take a deep breath this season

Nedz Pro High Res 200x300 - Take a deep breath this season
Are you already dreading the winter season ahead? Horses that suffer from respiratory conditions or dust allergies can find the winter months a tricky time of year to deal with, however there are precautions that you can put in place to help your equine deal with the dust, and they may be simpler than you think…

It can be very stressful for horses, and their owners, when dealing with breathing conditions. Recurrent Airway Obstruction, or RAO, (formerly known as COPD) can be exacerbated by factors in the environment, and when winter weather means essential stable time, exposure to these elements can be unavoidable.

You can significantly reduce the levels of dust in your horse’s stable by implementing a few straightforward management practices. Choosing your horse’s feed and forage carefully, trying not to groom muddy horses in an enclosed area, and avoiding sweeping or mucking out around horses that have a delicate respiratory system can all help, however your bedding choice can have huge implications.

Choosing dust extracted bedding can make a significant difference to horses with respiratory problems. Many products harbour dust particles that, when disturbed, enter the air in the environment and if ventilation is not at its best – which it often isn’t in many stables – this dust will linger in your horse’s box and irritate the respiratory system. Nedz Pro has been put through a rigorous dust extraction process using state of the art technology to virtually eliminate dust particles making it ideal for all horses and ponies, including those already suffering from breathing difficulties.

A slightly less obvious point to consider is absorbency. Ammonia is an unavoidable noxious gas that is in all horses’ urine and droppings. This ammonia can cause irritation to the sinuses and respiratory system, which can lead to breathing difficulties and conditions, so by choosing a product which soaks up your horse’s waste you can reduce the level of ammonia in the stable. Nedz Pro is made from highly absorbent rape straw that is chopped to produce short fibres capable of soaking up urine quickly. The result is a large reduction in ammonia levels and of course a more hygienic stable environment.

Moulds and fungal spores also contribute to respiratory problems, which is why Nedz Pro is treated with exclusive Natural Nedz to offer anti-fungal properties, along with a host of other benefits, which helps reduce these harmful contaminants. The addition of Cade Oil also ensures a clean, fresh, yet non-overpowering odour is maintained in the stable from the initial opening of a bag, throughout use.

Nedz Pro is priced around £6.50 – £8 for a 20kg bale. The recommended set-up is around 4-5 bales for a 12 x 12 stable, with one further bale added every week.

To find out more about Nedz Pro and the other dust extracted bedding products available from Nedz, tel: 01254 677 762 or visit www.nedz.co.uk

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