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Sweet itch? Z-itch has it covered with the new Sweet Itch Rug

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Rug Z itch 750x426 - Sweet itch? Z-itch has it covered with the new Sweet Itch Rug

Rug Z itch 150x150 - Sweet itch? Z-itch has it covered with the new Sweet Itch RugThe new Z-itch Sweet Itch Rug is available to buy now and has been designed to provide a physical barrier between the horse and small insects and midges.

The rug is made from soft, tightly woven polyester and has elasticated edges to prevent small insects from getting underneath, at the same time as allowing the horse to move freely. The rug is breathable and also helps to prevent UV damage to the horse’s skin. It’s designed to have a close but comfortable fit and protects the horse from nose to tail. The close fitting body with large belly pad and tail flap helps to keep the body covered, as the hood, that attaches at the shoulders and incorporates a face mask, gives extra cover. As an added feature, this rug has a pleat in the hood to allow easy grazing, and many adjustable and elasticated elements for a great fit.

“Since the successful launch of our pour-on sweet itch product Z-itch, we’ve been looking at additional ways to help horses and ponies who suffer from this horrible condition,” says a spokesman for Z-itch. “We know that providing a barrier between the horse and the midge is a key way to help prevent the issue as you’re preventing the bite causing the reaction in the first place, so we decided to create a sweet itch rug that was comfortable, highly adjustable and that the horse would happily wear for hours on end. We’ve incorporated many elasticated sections to promote comfort and movement, it’s fully machine washable and there are lots of other features such as the neck pleat to allow the horse to graze more easily. We’re really pleased with the rug that we’ve created.”

The Z-itch Sweet Itch Rug can be used with Z-itch liquid or on its own, is available in size 4’6”-7’0” and has a RRP of £80.

For more information, see www.z-itch.co.uk. For trade enquiries, please see www.trilanco.com.

Medicaleaf - Sweet itch? Z-itch has it covered with the new Sweet Itch Rug
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