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Support your horse’s health this winter with Horslyx Respiratory Balancer

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Horslyx Respiratory Balancer in three sizes 750x440 - Support your horse’s health this winter with Horslyx Respiratory Balancer

Horslyx Respiratory Balancer in three sizes 300x300 - Support your horse’s health this winter with Horslyx Respiratory BalancerThe arrival of wet, cold and windy weather in autumn often heralds a change in routine for equines in the UK. Instead of enjoying long hours of turnout, perhaps only coming in when the heat or flies make the stable a better place to be, horses are stabled to give grazing land a fighting chance of surviving the winter mud. Stabling horses inevitably raises their levels of exposure to dust, mould and spores and limits their access to fresh air.

Even the best quality bedding and forage will contain some particles which irritate the equine respiratory system and therefore impact their respiratory health.

Interestingly, even horses kept at grass throughout the winter can suffer if there is a very wet and mild winter.

The Respiratory Balancer from Horslyx is designed to support equine respiratory health in two ways. Firstly, the palatable nutritional balancer contains ingredients such as menthol, eucalyptus and aniseed to support the airways. In addition, the high-spec blend of vitamins and minerals supports the horse’s immune system.

These ingredients can help support optimum respiratory health in all equines, from children’s ponies to performance and sports horses, making it a great addition to winter feeding routines.

Horslyx Brand Manager Gillian Wardle comments: “Horse owners are more aware than ever before of the impact of poor respiratory health on their horse’s wellbeing and athletic performance, and we’re proud to have developed a balancer formulated to support this area. Horse owners who are looking out for their horse during the winter can trust Horslyx to help see their horses through the long dark evenings of eating hay and haylage and sleeping on shavings or straw whilst supported by our high-quality balancer”.

You can read more about the Horslyx Respiratory Balancer here and purchase your Horslyx from your nearest stockist: https://www.horslyx.com/get-in-touch/stockists/ 

asset 728 90 - Support your horse’s health this winter with Horslyx Respiratory Balancer
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