SuperCalm Syringes Springtime Offer

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SuperCalm Syringe 750x440 - SuperCalm Syringes Springtime Offer

SuperCalm Syringe 150x100 - SuperCalm Syringes Springtime OfferThroughout April and May, Global Herbs is offering customers a Buy One Get One Free deal on SuperCalm Instant Two-Use Syringes, bought either online via their website, or in stores.  A powerful yet natural antioxidant, SuperCalm is a highly concentrated calming herbal mix that reduces nervousness and excitability in horses whilst simultaneously improving focus to assist with training, competition, performance and temperament.   

SuperCalm Instant Syringes can be used alone, or in conjunction with the powder or liquid formula, all suitable for both long- or short-term use to promote relaxed behaviour in your horse. Results are often seen within two to three days if using the powder, or one to two days if opting for the liquid formula.  For a more instant effect, the Instant Syringes can offer results within an hour and are perfect for use at competitions or for pre-empting activities that your horse may find stressful, such as travelling or vet visits.  Trial results have been outstandingly positive, with horses reported as being happier, more relaxed and more focused after using SuperCalm Instant. The mix is very palatable, and one syringe contains two measures for a 500kg horse.

Jackie Stagg, a horse owner based in West Somerset discovered the positive effects of using SuperCalm, following physical and behavioural difficulties with her seven-year-old mare Hotstuff, an imported Lusitano who she has owned for three years.  “I bought SuperCalm because I was almost in despair at ever getting sense out of my mare” says Jackie. “She had ulcers and a sacroiliac injury and the long treatment for these had left her very annoyed at life in general, alongside being difficult to handle, even once cured from the physical injuries. I could barely lead her 100 yards up the road without a breakdown.” 

Yet following three days of using the supplement, Jackie saw an incredibly positive change in her mare which had “an amazing effect”.  After such a short amount of time, Hotstuff was able to be led out for a walk in-hand and within two weeks, Jackie was able to begin riding her again.  “Rather than panicking at the first opportunity, she is more focused, keeps a calm head and looks carefully at strange things. I’m always loathe to attribute such changes to a supplement, but in this case, it must have been the SuperCalm” explains Jackie.  “I struggled with her emotional problems for months and this was the only change I made to her feeding routine or management.”

After a few months of using SuperCalm routinely, the mare had become so relaxed that Jackie removed it from Hotstuff’s feeding regime.  Within weeks however, her mare began to return to her old habits and started becoming stressed and worried within herself.  Jackie returned to using SuperCalm powder and Hotstuff returned to her calm self once again.  “It is definitely a helpful product for horses that are super sensitive to every little thing” says Jackie. “I cannot recommend it highly enough”.

SuperCalm is available as a powder in 500g, 1kg, 5kg tubs, as a liquid in a 1ltr bottle or in 30ml (instant syringe) sizes.  Prices start from £7.90. For further product information, please call the Global Herbs helpline on 01243 773363 or visit

Global Herbs is a BETA NOPS accredited manufacturer, giving customers peace of mind over their high production standards.  

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