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Childrens writing stories competition

writetoride unicorn 150x100 - Step Forward Super ‘Pony Club’ MumsPippa Ireland had read an article, a couple of weeks ago, about how sponsored riders could maintain their presence and promote their own sponsors brands whilst in lockdown and unable to compete and coach etc.  This really struck a chord as her son is a Grassroots rider, sponsored by British Horse Feeds, Fantastic Books Publishing Ltd and most recently a new sponsor, Jackson Handling Ltd, and it set her thinking.

What could we do to help? 

Pippa had already been asked, as a Pony Club Mum and Volunteer, if she could provide activities online to help entertain the pony club children in their Yorkshire Area 3 of the Pony Club and had been religiously posting quizzes and word searches on social media, mainly on the Pony Club Facebook page. Pippa then posted a poem, a light-hearted look at Eventing, which caught the imagination of many and was shared round a number of other sites. Having previously run a writing competition, 10 years ago, for an investigative project whilst a mature student at Bishop Burton, Pippa decided it might appeal to children stuck in lockdown and help parents struggling for ideas in the ‘home schooling’ department. 

With so many small charities struggling to fund raise it seemed like a really good way for children to potentially win a lovely prize to look forward to and help a good cause of their choice in the process. 

Pippa broached the idea with Nicky Morrison, the PC Area 3 Representative, who then spoke to Marcus Capel at PCHQ and was given a green light. 

Pippa said “In these uncertain times it is a big deal when asking anyone for anything, all I could offer in return was some free publicity and the chance for promotion through the competition pages and media sites. However, the project was met with such warmth and enthusiasm by those who I spoke to I kept asking! Enlisting the help of another Pony Club Mum, Alex Clarke, from Area 6 along with crime writer, Penny Grubb, who set up the competition page, we now have a very impressive infrastructure in place. Total Recall Videos freely offered help in the promotion department when I rang, initially after a prize, and have been staunch allies.”

Pippa added “To me this is not just a story about a writing competition, it highlights so many of the ideals inspired and practiced by The Pony Club . Friendship, first and foremost. Alex Clarke and I met through a mutual friend, who I was at school with in Norfolk and, we were both members of the West Norfolk PC Branch. Our paths would have been unlikely to cross had we not had a PC connection. So many of our generous supporters all share that common Pony Club link, whether it traces back to who teaches our children or supplies equipment . Teamwork has been amazing, with another Pony Club Mum, Lucy Marsh, helping with our newly formed ‘Write to Ride# Facebook page and publicity. #ponyclubcarryon has never been so true.

Follow this link to see the amazing prizes on offer, scroll down for ‘top tips’ on what makes a good story and to make your entry.

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