Start the season with a spruce up!

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washnbrush 2 683x426 - Start the season with a spruce up!

washnbrush 2It seems like only a moment ago we were welcoming summer and now the colder months are creeping onto the horizon. The wet and wintery weather often brings increased mud, dust and dirt on to the yard so why not give your yard and stables one last blitz with Wash-n-Brush from Parell Products before your horses come in this winter so you start off the season spotless!


The Wash-n-Brush provides a perfect way to scrub your yard from top to bottom, as the lightweight, portable broom is equipped with a unique 2 in 1 feature allowing you to sweep and clean with or without water. Whether you are sweeping the yard, washing the horsebox or cleaning out stables ready for the coming months, Wash-n-Brush helps you get your yard shipshape quickly, easily and efficiently. With a simple flick of a switch Wash-n-Brush eliminates the need to try wielding both broom and hose making what can be a cumbersome task simple and straightforward!


“If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well” so for superior cleaning, Wash-n-Brush is the answer as the powerful bristle brush head contains 14 high pressure power jets to blast away dirt and grime that has built up over the summer months. With soft grip handles and an adjustable length, Wash-n-Brush can be altered for different users and is truly multipurpose, suitable for use at the yard or at home. Wash-n-Brush is equipped with a universal attachment that fits virtually any hose so you can reduce the risk of slips and trips from a build up of dirt wherever you are.


A summer of dust, insects and warm weather can mean that stables are less than hygienic when your horses come in for the winter, however with a simple flick of the switch, Wash-n-Brush helps make a mundane cleaning task quick and easy resulting in a cleaner, dust-free and safer stable for your horse during the cold season.


Wash-n-Brush is priced at £14.99 providing an affordable and effective solution to keeping your yard spic and span! For more information visit or tel: 07715 172 470.

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