Sprenger gives riders the Edge

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Ruth Edge emailer 750x426 - Sprenger gives riders the Edge

Dynamic Duo!!

Top international eventer Ruth Edge swears by the Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt Snaffle, as she explains:
“I particularly like this bit, as it gives the rider a really good feel down the reins, especially if the horse is inclined to be a bit heavy in the hand –this bit helps lighten and soften the horses’ mouth.
The bit is one of the Sprenger Dynamic RS range designed to fit perfectly in the horses’ mouth resulting in a soft and even pressure across the entire tongue area, whilst encouraging the horse to chew. In addition these bits also support the contact to the corners of the mouth in such an effective way that it helps keep the horse on the bit.

The Dynamic Eggbut Snaffle features a gentle joint in the middle which like the Sprenger KK Ultra bit is angled forward which is inviting to the horse, whilst the mouthpiece is made from Aurigan, the material that positively activates the chewing activity of your horse –resulting in a soft submissive contact.

RRP: £125.00

01352 763350

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