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SPILLERS® Senior – the easy way to keep every oldie in shape

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SENIOR Range 750x426 - SPILLERS® Senior – the easy way to keep every oldie in shape

SENIOR Range 300x162 - SPILLERS® Senior – the easy way to keep every oldie in shapeWhile some senior horses don’t need extra help to maintain their condition, others may struggle. That’s why SPILLERS® designed their flexible Senior range. A selection of four products, including a specialist fibre, a balancer and two different mixes, enables owners to choose a feed to perfectly suit their senior’s individual needs.

SPILLERS® Senior Conditioning Mix has been formulated for the older horse that struggles to hold weight, while SPILLERS® Senior Maintenance Mix is designed for our veteran good doers. Both contain small, easy to chew particles and have all the extra vitamins and minerals your older horse or pony needs, including glucosamine, to help him stay in the best of health.

Alternatively SPILLERS® Senior Balancer is suitable for all senior horses and ponies, to be fed alongside compound feeds or forage only diets. It has added glucosamine, magnesium and biotin as well as extra levels of other vitamins and minerals to help support older horses.

All three can be partnered with SPILLERS® Senior Fibre, a unique blend of balanced natural fibres, with mint, garlic, soya oil, glucosamine, live yeast, quality protein and vitamins and minerals. The short chop and soft texture of SPILLERS® Senior Fibre makes it easier on the mouth for older horses who have worn or fewer teeth and are struggling to chew and grind properly. It can be combined with a mix, cube or balancer or fed as a replacement for compound feed.

Clare Barfoot, registered nutritionist and the research and development manager for SPILLERS® said: “Our older horses and ponies deserve extra love and attention, not least in the way in which they are fed. With our senior range you can be sure that you are providing the extra nutritional support they need to help them stay healthy and age gracefully.”

For friendly advice on feeding seniors call the SPILLERS® Care-Line on + 44 (0)1908 226626, email careline@spillers-feeds.com or visit www.spillers-feeds.com. You can also join Team SPILLERS® on Facebook.

asset 728 90 - SPILLERS® Senior – the easy way to keep every oldie in shape
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