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Good Friday Show Results
22 April 2011 held at The Grange, Okehampton, Devon.

On a wonderful sunny day the SWPA Good Friday show attracted nearly 200 ponies and horses to The Grange EC at Okehampton. With many NPS, PUK, Equifest and Royal London qualifiers running alongside SWPA’s own qualifiers and the newly introduced Olympia Veteran qualifiers the opportunity to gain those early qualifications was too good an opportunity for some to miss. Young Fiona Wilson was delighted to get her first NPS Silver Medal riding Sue Smiths’s lovely little Section C Tyntyla Osain which she qualified for the NPS Picton Novice and the Junior Ridden as well as the PUK Confined Novice and Junior Dalkeith. Another successful pony and rider combination was Danielle Balsdon with her Dartmoor Dykes Heather Maid, who will also be going to the NPS finals to compete in the Junior, Intermediate and Picton finals. Fiona and Danielle went Picton and Junior Champion and Reserve whilst a New Forest pony Willoway Lord of the Rings and Sally O’Connor’s Fell Stocklough Joseph took the open section.

New for 2011 SWPA have introduced the Olympia Veterans qualifiers and show secretary Medwin Broad said of the new classes that “it was wonderful to see so many ponies back out after retiring to compete in these classes”. The Pre-veteran classes were by far the best supported but Medwin hopes that as the season continues then more of the older horses and ponies will come forward to qualify for the regional semi-finals. The Highland pony Kingsmoor Frazer won the in hand section and went third in the ridden for the pre-veteran sections with the Shetland Samber Sarson taking the inhand 20 – 24 section and a New Forest Merrie Markteer taking the Veteran Plus ridden section.

Best classes of the day were in the Mini Ridden and Open In Hand classes. Young Ella-Louise Venning took NPS Mini Champion on her Welsh Section A Chetwynd Crackerjack with Isabella Alderson taking the overall Mini Championship on her open pony Barkway Mimosa. Jayne Carne took the open in hand championship with her miniature horse Hawk with young Molly Simpson taking the reserve slot with her part bred Oakum Just George. Some exhibitors in the miniature classes had travelled from as far afield as Guernsey to get their early qualifications for the SWPA Championships. Lisa and Jenny Batiste stated their journey had been long and eventful due to the Olympic preparations occurring in Weymouth around the dock area, but that they had a long weekend planned and had combined the show with dropping some mares off to stud.

In the novice ring 3 Michaela Searle’s 6 year old riding pony Chaseford Clearly Great went champion with Andrea Edington’s Welsh Part Bred Edhare Twinkle Toes taking the reserve position. Lauren Moore-Williams also had a good day winning the PUK Domino Part Bred class with the aptly named Chinook Easter Magic, and the Show pony and Arab classes with Beckside First Impression.

Secretary Medwin Broad reported that she felt the quality of ponies at the show was outstanding and the quantity of competitors guaranteed some classes having entries of over 10 making the show highly successful. The next SWPA show will be the Trinity show held at Taunton Racecourse on 15 May where once again there will be NPS, PUK, Royal London and Equifest qualifiers to aim for. Schedules are available from theSWPA website or by sending a large SAE to 7 Sand Farm Lane, Sandbay, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset. BS22 9UF

Ring 1- PUK Glenn Greenwood M&M Inhand [Mrs H Houseman ] Youngst Small Breeds – 1 & Res, P Paton’s Woodybottom Miss Ellie; 2, D Berkley’s Collstone Nightingale; 3, Hodge & Waters’s Blackertor Desert Storm; 4 yrs+ Small Breeds – 1 & Ch, S Smith’s Forlan Honey King; 2, Hodge & Waters’s Sharpmoor Simply Stunning; 3, B Bevan’s Gigman Seafarer; Youngst Large Breeds – 1, L Jeffery’s Gelli Benuchal Rocket; Large Breeds 4 yrs + – 1, D Handley’s Cloughanover Lad; 2, S Axten’s Tredellans Danny Boy; 3, K Slade’s Sollaway Maverick; Owner Bred M&M – 1, S Smith’s Manwee Beau Brummel; 2, B Lyon’s Merrie Minaret; 3, B Rae’s Samber Scholar; NPS Picton/PUK Con Nov Non Welsh Sml Breeds – 1 & Res, D Balsdon’s Dykes Heather Maid; 2, L Porter’s Blue; Welsh – L Bowden’s Warmwell Dragonfly; 2, C Crang’s Fayre Elwyn; 3, P Watson’s Saltne Dancing Brnre; Lgr Breeds NF/Conn – 1, L Booth’s Hawkhill Mayday; Dales, Fells, Highlands – No entries; Welsh – 1 & Ch, F Wilson’s Tyntyla Osian; 2, J Crocker’s Cefngarn Rodri; 3, J Sayers’s Redpool Mountbatten; NPS and PUK Junior Ridden Small Brds – 1 & Res, Dykes Heather Maid; 2, Chetwynd Crackerjack; 3, Blue; Lge Bds – 1 & Ch & NPS Silver Medal, Tyntyla Oswain; NPS Open PUK Kingsford Sml Bds – 1, A Gunningham’s Shilstone Rocks Snow Flurry; 2, Blue; Welsh Sml Bds – 1, B Bevan’s Gigman Seafarer; 2, Saltne Dancing Brnre; Dales, Fells, High – 1 & Res, S O’Connor’s Stocklough Joseph; NF/Conn – 1 & Ch, S Carpenters’s Willoway Lord of the Rings; 2, D Booth’s Wootten Crystal Fire; 3, Cloughanover Lad; Welsh Lgs Bds – 1, Sollaway Maverick; 2, Saltmarsh Tittle Tattle; NPS Intermediate Sml Bds non Welsh – 1, Dykes Heather Maid; Welsh Sml Bds – 1 & Res, Gigman Seafarer; 2, Saltne Dancing Brnre; NF Conn – 1 & Ch, Hawkwell Mayday; 2, Wootton Crystal Fire; 3, Cloughanover Lad; Dales, Fells, High – 1, Tredellans Danny Boy; Welsh Lge Bds – 1, Saltmarsh Tittle Tattle;

Ring 2 Nov Lead Rein – 1, E Otto’s Dolbury Duchess; 2, B Lawrence’s Tyncae Nightingale; 3, A Edington’s Edhare Twinkle Toes; Beginners First Ridden – 1, F Corrick’s Daisy; 2, A Major’s Pendock Logo; 3, Blue; NPS/PUK Nov Lead |Rein – 1, A Major’s Bengad Deodora; 2, Lady Emma Trebble’s Torfield’s Cranmere Pool; 3, J Aven’s Moortown Graphite; NPS/PUK Nov First Ridden – 1, I Alderson’s Rochedo Beach Boy; 2, J Hill’s Thistledown Springboks; 3, A O’Connor’s Coomehill Legacy; PS/PUK M&M Lead Rein – 1, Moortown Graphite; 2, M Richards’s Wyedean Aaron; 3, D Whitmarsh’s Wildhill Marigold; NPS/PUK M&M First Ridden – 1 & Ch, Chetwyn Crackerjack; 2 & Res, Rochedo Beach Boy; 3, Thistledown Springboks; PUK Open Lead Rein – 1, Z Kibbey’s Seamoor Nutcracker; 2, Lady Emma Trebble’s Cosford Vanity; 3, Tynacae Nightingale; PUK Open First Ridden -1 & Ch, I Alderson’s Barkway Mimosa; 2, Tynycoe Nightingale; 3, J Hitt’s Longreach Mazurka; PUK SHP Lead Rein – 1 & Res, M Richard’s Patchwood Annabelle; 2, Z Kibbey’s Rookery Hailstorm; 3, Coomehill Legacy; SWPA SHP First Ridden – 1, Coomehill Legacy; 2, M Olds’s Bobby Boy; SWPA Open In hand – M&M Part Bred – 1 & Res, M Simpson’s Oakham Just George; 2, M Pyke’s Jobanker Mischief Maker; 3, Hodge & Walters’s Broomells Piella; Arabs’s – 1, B Fisher’s Zara; 2, H Golombeck’s Sweet Dreams; 3, P Wainwright’s Le-go; Riding Pony – 1, Hodge & Walters’s UCS Repertoires Design; 2, A Kibbey’s Seamoor Nutcracker; 3, Jobanker Mischief Maker; SHP – 1, Bobby Boy; 2, A Payne’s Bobby Dazzler III; 3, L Olde’s Finglebridge Fairspin; Comp Horse or Pony – 1, N Lewis’s Devils Ruby Moon; 2, S England’s The Ginger Gcine; 3, L Prtichard’s Shorefields Rock Star; Hack/RH – 1, Sweet Dreams; 2, Devils Ruby Moon; 3, T Kelly’s Eros; Hunter – 1, S Plummer’s Kerry Minstral; 2, The Ginger Gcine; 3, R Willing’s Marty McFly; Xrace Horse – 1, D Bamonte’s Blues Whisperer; 2, C Burrington’s Volontiners; Veteran – 1, B Gilbert’s Liggett’s Blacl Orchid; 2, Sweet Dreams; 3, Kerry Minstral; Foreign and Rare Breeds – 1, L Reeves’s Galway Bay; Coloured – 1, UCS Repertoires Design; 2, B Rae’s Samber Scholar; 3, J Collings’s Aldensfarm Blue Print; Owner Bred non M&M – 1, C Powell’s Vagelloran Fernando; 2, Shorefields Rock Star; 3, N Saunders’s Lonelystar Mystic; Miniature classes – Yrlng – 1, J Saunders’s Champness My Sparkle; 2/3 yrs – 1, S Bartlett’s Meadowhall Magic at Farthingale; S Bartlett’s Lijenik Bantams Touch of Splendour; 4 yrs + – 1 & Ch, J Carne’s Hawk; 2, J Batiste’s Blackator Ab Fab; 3, L Batiste’s Ravenswing Beanie Boo; Coloured – 1, Hawk; 2, E Turney’s Farthinghall Golly I’m Bewitched; Young Handler – 4-8 yrs 1, Eleanor Turney; 8 – 12 yrs – 1 & Res, Millie Olds; 2, Sally Bartlett; 3, Charles Nicholl; 13 yrs + – 1 & Ch, Alicia Penrose; 2, Eve Richardson; 3, Katie Bennett

Ring 3 Olympia Veteran Showing In hand section Pre-veteran – 1, N Hoad’s Kingsmoor Frazer; 2, Sweet Dreams; 3, Shevas Nazinda; 20 – 24 yrs – 1, B Rae’s Samber Sarson; 25 yrs + – 1, S Plummers’s Spud for Shord; Ridden Pre-veteran – 1, D Kersley’s Bashfull Bobby Dazzler; 2, Sharon Moss’s Billytoo; 3, Kingsmoor Frazer; 20 – 24 yrs – 1, S Fassenfelt’s Just Ivens; 2, C Brookes’s Scenario; 25 yrs+ – 1, C Davies’s Merrie Markteer; 2, S Plummer’s Spud for Shord; Novice classes – Lead Rein – 1 & Res, A Edington’s Edhare Twinkle Toes; 2, Z Olde’s Cosdon Ultravox; 3, R Storey’s Broadhurst His Nibs; Nov First Ridden – 1, A Major’s Pendock Logo; 2, Cosdon Ultravox; 3, B Bevan’s Myleview Mojo; Nov Combinations – 1, D Cole’s Ocean Mist; 2, K Hinton’s Wingman; 3, E Murch’s Jensam Real Gem; M&M Sml Brds – 1, Ocean Mist; Lge Brds – 1, L Booth’s Woodrow Romsey; 2, Jensom Real Gem; RP/SHP – 1 & Ch, C Searle’s Chaseford Clearly Great; 2, F Risdale’s Brooklandsfarm Saladin; Open Ridden Arabs – 1, L Moore-Williamds’s Beckside First Impression; 2 W Bentley-Lovell’s Viola Des Alpes; 3, Brooklandsfarm Saladin; PUK Brineton Show Pony – 1, Beckside First Impression; 2, P Horton’s Trelawn Gaiety Girl; 3, S Routley’s Cosford Chaplin; PUK Timber Wolf SHP n/e 122 cms – 1, S Routley’s Tulmar Picala; 2, Bobby Boy; 3, G Butler’s Ashlands Columbus; 122 – 153 cms – 1, A Penroses’s Edward V; 2, P Horton’s Parkhill Playboy; 3, J Sleep’s Angelicia Ballerina; PUK Domini M&M PB n/e 148 cms – 1 & Ch, Lauren Moore-Williams’s Chinook Easter Magic; 2, M Simpson’s Oakum Just George; 3, Cosford Chaplin; PUK Domini PB exc 148cms – 1, J Sleep’s Bowbelles Sastina;

Ring 4 Intermediate SRT – 1 & Ch, S Burrows’s 3 Wishes other results not recorded; Inter SHT – 1, Weggs Tiger Mountain ; 2, Bowbelles Sastina; Comp Pony – 1, Parkhill Playboy; 2, Angelina Ballerina; Comp Hse – 1, T Mitchell’s Beach Belle; 2, Shorefields Rock Star; 3, Bowbelles Sastina; Comp M&M – 1 & Res, Dykes Heather Maid; 2, C Sayers’s Jananda My Valentine; PUK Amateur Riders M&M Small Breeds – 1, J Crang’s Fayre Elwyn; 2, A Gunning’s Shilstone Rocks Snow Flurry; Lge Brds – 1 & Ch, Cloughanover Lad; 2, Tredellans Danny Boy; 3, Tyntyla Osain; Non M&M – 1, T Jupp’s The Wizard; 2 & Res, Galway Bay; 3, Mr B; SWPA Junior Ridden Open n/e 138 cms – 1, Edward V; 2, Warmwell Dragonfly; 3, A Searles’s Whitelease Armani; Exc 138 cms – 1, Weggs Tiger Mountain; 2, Wingman; Riding Hse – 1 & Ch, W Gibson’s Tea Dance; 2, N Walters’s Foreign Field; 3, K Marangone’s Byron Bay; Coloured – 1, D Kersley’s Peaches and Cream; 2, Brooklandsfarm Saladin; 3, E Freestones’s Cheeky Monkey; Hack – 1, W Gibson’s Faberge; 2, Three Wishes; Hunter – 1, D Weston’s Rubins; 2, Billytoo; 3, L Hulse’s Dylon; Veteran – 1, Bashfull Bobby Dazzler; 2, Kerry Minstral; Kingsmoor Frazer; Cob – 1 & Res Ch, L Frain’s Al Capone; 2, G Warren’s Chubby Checker; 3, R Harper’s Midnight Runner; Xrace Hrs – 1, Blues Whisperer.

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