Some of the best things come in small packages!

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Eezhay - Some of the best things come in small packages!

EezhayEezhay have become well known for providing an effective forage feeding system for horses and now, after popular demand, the innovative hay feeder is available in a new pony size! Perfect for pint sized equines, the new Eezhay Pony means you can offer all your four legged friends the benefits of feeding naturally, no matter how big or small they are!

The natural feeding position for all equines is with the head and neck low, the body remaining straight and the muscles and ligaments in the back lifted. Haynets can cause the back to drop and lead to the incorrect development of muscle on the underside of the horse’s neck, however Eezhay encourages a natural grazing position.

A small pony pulling from a haynet tied at a high level is not ideal as dust and debris may fall into their eyes and nose which could have detrimental effects on their respiratory system, meanwhile a haynet tied too low could result in an accident. Eezhay Pony is 85cm wide and 79cm high, offering ponies’ comfortable and natural forage feeding system, which encourages healthy digestion; respiration and the natural wear of teeth.

Ponies are often getting themselves in to scrapes so quality; durability and safety are at the forefront with Eezhay. Made from a durable outer, the Eezhay Pony has no sharp edges making the hay feeder safe and hard wearing, giving owners peace of mind that their four legged friends can’t get up to too much mischief!

Hay prices are on the increase but forage is the most important aspect of our equine’s diet so the last thing owners want to do is waste any of the “good stuff”. Research suggests that wastage can be reduced by up to 25% with an Eezhay hay feeder. With the average hay bale costing between £4 and £7 per bale, horse and pony owners could potentially save hundreds of pounds every year by using Eezhay.

And of course, with every pony comes a co-ordinated wardrobe! Eezhay Pony is available in an array of different colours and each one comes with a one year guarantee. Prices start from just £45.99. For more details about Eezhay visit or telephone: 01246 240099

Eezhay Pony
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