Soloshot 2: the perfect solution to all your riding needs!

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soloshot 2 base 370x426 - Soloshot 2: the perfect solution to all your riding needs!

soloshot 2 base 150x150 - Soloshot 2: the perfect solution to all your riding needs!Soloshot are an american company who are the first to build what they describe as a ‘robot cameraman’. Their tripod is the first of it’s kind and provides you with perfect footage every time you go out riding. Due to the clever design of their base unit the Soloshot 2 Automatic Tripod is able to track your exact movements and rotate and tilt your attached camera to keep it pointing in the right direction. What’s more if you attach the Soloshot camera controller to the base unit the tripod will automatically zoom the lens in and out to keep you in the center of the frame. The unit can track you up to 2000ft away and even if you stray too far it will immediately pick you up once back in range.

This impressive list of capabilities makes the Soloshot 2 the perfect product for all of your training and recreational riding. Whether you want to monitor your progress and form in dressage training or you just want to capture that perfect shot of your favourite jump at home, this tripod is what you’re looking for.

CLICK HERE to see how it works.

As a training aid there is nothing better than good video footage and every top rider in the world utilises video analysis as part of their training program. The Soloshot 2 allows you to capture the same video footage as the professional riders will get from their cameraman and therefore give you the same opportunities for analysing each and every aspect of your riding.

Watch these two videos demonstrating the SOLOSHOT2 in action for both dressage and showjumping – see how it moves with you in perfect time.  The rider is simply wearing an armband that is link back to the SOLOSHOT2 – how easy is that?

CLICK HERE to view the dressage  or CLICK HERE to view the showjumping.

So the personal benefits of owning a Soloshot 2 Tripod are extensive but that’s not all the tripod offers. For equine schools or clubs there will probably be more than one person wanting to get footage of themselves. If you know this will be the case don’t worry, you don’t need to buy a Soloshot 2 tripod for each person. Simply by buying the additional number of tags each person can get the footage that they’re after from the same tripod. Multi mode is a new feature exclusive to the Soloshot 2 and with it you will be able to have one tripod tracking multiple tags either the closest, the fastest moving or through manual input from each rider! This means each member of a club get can footage of themselves riding and and it all goes onto one edit which can easily be separated and sent to the individuals.

 Sometimes when we only have our own perspective things can be portrayed incorrectly. Your timing for a jump may have seemed right in your head, but given the chance to watch your ride back on video you may notice some minor timing changes or areas of technique upon which you can improve. This regular second perspective will help you relate what you are seeing from the saddle into what your performance actually looks like to others, helping you push your performance to trophy winning heights!

As you may imagine a product with so much technology and design elements has a price, but at just £446.99 for the entire package or £330 if you only need the base unit and transmitter, the Soloshot 2 is a lot more affordable than you might have thought! When you stretch this price across the amount of sessions and competitions you will be riding in throughout the year the price per session is unbelievably low, far less than employing a cameraman!

For more information on the Soloshot 2 and to purchase your own automatic camera tripod visit Boylo’s Watersports website and look through the range of Soloshot

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