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Society of Master Saddlers Archive Search

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SMS Logo1 150x150 - Society of Master Saddlers Archive SearchDo you have access to books and magazine articles on the history and heritage of saddlery design and development?

Are you a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to saddlery facts and figures that changed the way saddles have been made?

The Society of Master Saddlers are currently developing an archive of material that will trace the history of saddle development, look at leading names in the field and compile interesting facts that have led to modern day saddlery manufacture.

“There is so much information out there, but in many different forms and we are keen to collate it and bring all the pieces together for the future,” said Hazel Morley of the Society of Master Saddlers.

“From the history of saddle making, to how certain designs came about, why the saddlery industry moved from London to Walsall and leading names who truly made an impact on the sector, we want to find out more.

“It is so easy for material to be lost and we hope that by pulling it all together it will be safe for future generations to read and use.

“As well as older material that is in existence, we would also like to hear from students and younger people who have maybe written projects such as dissertations and thesis on the saddlery industry for their qualifications as this would also be very useful.”

If you feel you can help or have material you would like to put forward contact Society Past President Denise Silman on 07713 793045 or email denisems@hotmail.co.uk

Medicaleaf - Society of Master Saddlers Archive Search
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