Skilled Volunteers Wanted for Parelli Horsemanship Fund

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patlinda sunday 300x199 - Skilled Volunteers Wanted for Parelli Horsemanship FundDo you ever dream of building a better world for horses and humans? Do you have some spare time and business savvy? If so, the Parelli Horsemanship Fund wants to hear from you!
The Fund is seeking volunteers to help develop and grow this innovative fund raising scheme and help to move it forward to the next chapter.
Under the leadership of Lori Northrup, the Fund seeks highly skilled and dedicated volunteers who are aligned with the Parelli Natural Horsemanship mission to educate the horsemen of tomorrow and affect positive change on the treatment, care and training of horses worldwide.
Accountants, tour stop volunteers, fund-raisers, marketing assistants, web masters, writers and directors for the Fund’s missions which include Horse Welfare, Therapeutic Horsemanship and Youth Initiatives are needed right away.
Volunteers must be available to work 5-10 hours per week from home and be able to communicate with team leads via email and phone.
The Parelli Horsemanship Fund supports natural horsemanship education for kids, adults, and the equine educators of tomorrow. Through financing education, the Parelli Horsemanship Fund can empower people to make a difference for themselves and for horses and humans all over the world.
For descriptions of volunteer opportunities simply Google – Parelli Fund Volunteers.
If you would like more information please telephone Parelli UK on (02476) 692888.

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