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Simply Breathtaking – Taming Wild Horses Naturally

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Wild Horse Taming 750x426 - Simply Breathtaking - Taming Wild Horses Naturally


PAT Parell promised that Wild Horse Taming, Naturally would be “Beautiful, exciting, and educational,” and it certainly was!

The seven Savvy Team members, Kalley Krickeberg, John Baar, Berin Macfarlane, Rhett Fincher, Ryan Rose, James Roberts, and Jake Shoemark, along with Pat Parelli, tamed eight wild mustangs in just three days.

Wild Horse Taming, Naturally was an amazing example of one of Pat’s favourite sayings, “Horses don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

The Savvy Team exemplified the philosophy, “Expect a lot, accept a little, reward often.” Horsenality™ played a big part in how quickly the mustangs were tamed, and Linda’s commentary on the horses’ different behaviours and the Savvy Team’s tactics to deal with those behaviours was very intriguing and educational.

In the end, four out of the eight mustangs were adopted at the event. The remaining four are going back to the inmate wild horse training program, where they will receive further training to become more adoptable.
Wild Horse Taming 300x200 - Simply Breathtaking - Taming Wild Horses Naturally
Instructors Berin Macfarlane, Tina Giordano, and Kaye Thomas were also awarded their 4-Star Instructor Ratings by Pat Parelli at this event. In addition, Kalley Krickeberg did such a great job with her mustang; Pat awarded her a Master Horse Development Specialist certification at the end of the third day.

For those of you who missed the live event, the webcast is still available on demand. Through to September 30th 2011, you can purchase the webcast for only $39.95.

Your webcast purchase affords you 2,400 minutes of viewing, the equivalent of watching the whole event twice! Don’t miss out on this incredible learning opportunity.

For more information visit www.parelli.com

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