Showing Black from Groom Away

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showingBlack onwhite 683x426 - Showing Black from Groom Away

Groom Away is excited to launch another quality product into Professional Grooming Range.

Showing Black is a professional concealer used to cover over marks, scars and stray dark hairs or to add definition to dark legs. To use, spray directly on to the coat or apply using a soft cloth, allow to dry (this will dry in a matter of seconds) then brush off any excess. Showing Black will dry to a matt finish. To enhance the shine on the body, apply Groom Aways’ Show Shimmer sparingly over the Showing Black once it has dried.

Let Groom Aways’ Show Showing Black give you the ultimate professional finish this show season!!

  • Ideal for last minute show touch ups 
  • Covers Blemishes
  • Adds definition to dark legs
  • Conceals marks & stray hairs 
  • The ultimate Showing product!

Product size available: 400ml Aerosol

RRP £11.49

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