Shock-Stop – a new innovation in lead rein design from Bucas for 2012

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Bucas Logo 500x426 - Shock-Stop – a new innovation in lead rein design from Bucas for 2012

Bucas LogoThe designers at Bucas have created a new Shock-Stop lead rein that is designed to be used on horses who are a bit exuberant or on youngsters who have yet to respect the confines of being led.

A totally humane lead rein it is cushioned and has a heavy duty elasticated shock absorber in built that allows for movement but not too much that it interferes with the handler’s control. If a horse pulls away quickly and unexpectedly the elastic shock absorbing panel takes the impact of the sudden reaction and protects hands and arms from being wrenched. It also trains the horse sympathetically not to pull away as it meets with a sudden Stop when the end of the rope is reached.

The 2 metre long nylon webbing rein has an easy release catch mechanism and a loop at the other end for extra security.

Available in Black or Brown the RRP is approximately

£00/Euro 00/DKK000/NOK000/SEK000

www.bucas.comShock Stop Lead 2939

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