SertaSil – Advanced Wound Care

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Serta Sil March 27 2013 low res 634x426 - SertaSil - Advanced Wound Care
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27th March

SertaSil is a new, first-of-its-kind product for use in the treatment of wounds that cannot be sutured. In horses, it has been able to assist in the healing of a number of difficult wounds, including wounds that did not respond to honey, antibiotics and hydrogel. Furthermore, hypergranulation (proud flesh) has not occurred on wounds, where SertaSil has been used in the treatment.

The pictures show a puncture wound that had been treated for 3-4 months with all types of antibiotics, but without healing. The horse was then referred to Simon Knapp, MRCVS, who is clinical director at Scott Dunn’s Equine Clinic as well as senior veterinary surgeon at several racecourses and the Guards Polo Club. Simon Knapp first tried surgical debridement and suturing the wound, but the stitches broke and a different approach had to be taken. Next, daily application of SertaSil without a dressing was used. The wound closed without further complications. SertaSil has had similar positive effects on wounds in other horses, donkeys, dogs, cats and an elephant.

Serta-Sil April_18_2013_low_res
18th April

SertaSil acts by removing factors in the wound exudate that inhibit wound healing. In addition to accelerating the healing process, this also reduces wound inflammation, oedema and pain and many animals like to have SertaSil applied to their wound. It also dissolves biofilm, which is a layer bacterial colonies create to protect themselves against the immune system. By removing this layer, the immune system again becomes able to fight an infection and SertaSil has therefore been able to facilitate the removal of infections, including antibiotic resistant ones. Being a very fine powder, allows it to reach all areas of the wound, including the finest crevices. SertaSil does not require a protective dressing and is hence very suitable on difficult-to-dress areas. The ingredients of SertaSil are known to be safe and it is in parallel being developed for human use with the aid of a UK Government Smart grant. It has in human patients been shown to accelerate wound healing by 50% compared to antibiotics and antiseptics and to promote the closure of difficult to heal wounds. Read more at

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