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Selecting the Correct Level of Protein for Your Dog

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gove pet foods 040 436x291 - Selecting the Correct Level of Protein for Your Dog

gove pet foods 023 150x100 - Selecting the Correct Level of Protein for Your DogWhen looking to choose the right diet for your dog it is important to look at their lifestyle, activity rate, size, breed and age.

Taking all this into consideration you will then need to think about the protein levels in their food to ensure they are getting the correct level to keep them fit, well and in optimum health.

The range from Alpha Feeds includes diets for dogs at rest, those in work, and those competing and performing at the highest level.

There are many different breeds of dog and all have different purposes or lifestyles, as an owner you should feel confident in what you are feeding your dog.

The Alpha Feeds range offers complete nutritional excellence and delivers great taste and performance for your favourite friend.

gove pet foods 040 150x100 - Selecting the Correct Level of Protein for Your DogFor the dog that requires a food to help enhance stamina for sustained physical effort and demanding challenges such as sled dogs, grey hounds, emergency rescue, hunting and sheep dogs, Alpha High Performance is the perfect choice.

Offering 32% protein the diet provides consistent high levels of energy and is nutritionally formulated to help promote muscle development.

Alpha also offers a selection of food for working dogs such as gundogs, sheep dogs and agility dogs. These types require a balanced food with enough energy to perform at their best. Alpha Adult Maintenance – Sporting Dog provides 22% protein to fuel their energy levels while maintaining a healthy coat and immune system.

A complete and balanced food for less active dogs is available thanks to Alpha Sensitive.  With 20% protein senior and working dogs at rest will benefit from this food which optimises digestive health, skin and coat condition, teeth and bones and overall wellbeing.  

Alpha Feeds offers a 10-strong range of food to give your dog the very best nutrition whatever their lifestyle. 

For more further information contact the helpline on 0844 800 2234 or visit www.alphafeeds.com

asset 728 90 - Selecting the Correct Level of Protein for Your Dog
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