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Schools Poster Competition for the Exmoor Pony Festival 2014 Open to all schools

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August herd pics 004 640x426 - Schools Poster Competition for the Exmoor Pony Festival 2014 Open to all schools

The Exmoor Pony Festival is launching an exciting poster competition for schools this spring with an Exmoor Pony Experience being the top prize.  Artwork with an Exmoor Pony theme is wanted for this year’s festival promotion which attracts visitors from all over the country and abroad! Entry details are available online at http://exmoorponyfestival.org.uk with a FREE educational pack for teachers to download.

 August herd pics 004 150x150 - Schools Poster Competition for the Exmoor Pony Festival 2014 Open to all schools

There will be two age groups for the competition; 5-9 years and 10-13 years, including two categories; Exmoor (for schools within the Exmoor National Park) and Out of Exmoor (for schools throughout the country).  Prizes will be on offer for the winners and runners up – the overall winning class will have the opportunity to have a real-life Exmoor Pony Experience. 

Sue McGeever from the Exmoor Pony Society, a charity that has overseen the conservation of the Exmoor pony since 1921, said “We are delighted to be running a competition to involve schools in the Exmoor Pony Festival and we are hoping for a great turnout of entries from far and wide.  The competition will be running throughout the spring so that the winning artwork can be used in the promotional work for the Exmoor Pony Festival in August and a display of the posters will be available for all to see.”

Linzi Green, Pony Officer for the Heart of Exmoor Scheme said “The Exmoor Pony Festival raises awareness of the Exmoor Pony, one of Britain’s rare native breeds which is intrinsic to the Exmoor National Park landscape. What better way than inspiring the future guardians of the ponies?” 

Over the art competition age limit? Why not put yourself forward to get involved with the festival? The festival team are looking for lots of volunteers including a young local intern to help co-ordinate this year’s activities.  This is a great opportunity to get experience in event management and planning.  An interest in the Exmoor Pony would of course be desirable as there will be plenty of interaction with both two- and four-legged inhabitants of Exmoor!  Please contact Linzi Green for details at ponyofficer@moorlandmousietrust.org.uk 

The Exmoor Pony Festival 2014 runs from Saturday 9- Sunday 17 August, for more information visit http://exmoorponyfestival.org.uk, or follow us on Facebook.

Updates also on  facebook.com/ExmoorPonyFestival and Twitter: @heartofexmoor Hashtag: #exmoorponyfest 

The Exmoor Pony Festival 9th – 17th August 2014

Why not plan your Summer holidays to include a visit to the festival?!

The festival aims to foster an appreciation of the breed, promote the famous moorland herds and to attract visitors and pony buyers to Exmoor National Park. Over 1300 people attended the Exmoor Pony Festival in 2013. The Festival, first run in 2012, was created as part of the Promoting Exmoor’s Ponies project through the Heritage Lottery Funded Heart of Exmoor Scheme.   

Exmoor Ponies are excellent for riding, often winning competition prizes, and with a talent for Horse Agility, their high intelligence apparently linked to life in the wild as free-roaming herds. Exmoor National Park is the home of the Exmoor Pony, an ancient and hardy breed perfectly adapted to the moorland landscape. Behind the picturesque scenes of Exmoor Ponies on moorland is an army of farmers, volunteers, inspectors and rangers who all work to secure the future of the free-roaming Exmoor Pony.

Exmoor Pony Anchor Fairytale 150x150 - Schools Poster Competition for the Exmoor Pony Festival 2014 Open to all schools

As thmoor gets ready for summer so does the planning start for the much anticipated Exmoor Pony Festival.  This year’s dates have now been set and we look forward to welcoming people from all walks of life to Exmoor from Saturday 9 August to Sunday 17 August when lots of different activities will take place.  The free-living herds of Exmoor ponies are a beautiful sight in all seasons and we would encourage as many people as possible to get close to the breed throughout the year. 

The moorland herds will be bringing in youngstock from the moor in the Autumn and we would appeal to those interested in acquiring a foal to get in touch with the Exmoor Pony Society.

Exmoor Pony Festival organisers are also calling for anyone with time to give during the busy August period to get in touch and become involved both in the preparation for and during the festival.

The Festival is jointly co-ordinated by the Exmoor Moorland Landscape Partnership, The Exmoor Pony Society and The Moorland Mousie Trust working closely with moorland herd owners and tourism providers across Exmoor National Park. For all enquiries please contact the festival manager: Linzi Green (Exmoor Pony Officer) email: ponyofficer@moorlandmousietrust.org.uk tel: 01398 323093.



Medicaleaf - Schools Poster Competition for the Exmoor Pony Festival 2014 Open to all schools
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