Safety First for Chris Hall

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Chris Hall right receiving his award from Lt Col Dan Hughes RHGD 300x245 - Safety First for Chris HallOutstanding contributions in the field of riding and road safety were recognised at The British Horse Society’s Sefton Awards, held at the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment’s Barracks, Knightsbridge,London.

The awards were set up by the Society in 1984 as a legacy to Sefton, the Household Cavalry horse who survived the IRA bombings inLondonin 1982. Sefton was 19-years-old at the time of the bombings. He underwent eight hours of surgery and became a household name.

This year there were three recipients of the honour, Mr Christopher Hall from Nottingham, Mrs Kristine Hynd from Arbroath and Kenneth Law from Radnage, Buckinghamshire.

Chris Hall works closely with the BHS on all equestrian safety matters, including the development of the Riding and Road Safety Test. He shares his expertise endlessly as Chairman of both the Safety Advisory and Riding and Road Safety committees, yet still finds the time to train candidates and serve as an examiner for tests within the East Midlands.

On receiving his award Chris said: “I am very pleased and honoured to have received this award from the BHS and flattered that the work I have done, on behalf of not only myself but others, is being recognised at such an important level.”

For 25 years, Kristine Hynd has given generously of her time to promote rider safety and has been instrumental in the delivery of thousands of Riding and Road Safety Tests acrossScotland. The BHS believes that Scottish horse riders are safer because of her knowledge of equestrian safety matters and many owe Kristine a deal of gratitude for the training she has given them.

Kristine said: “To receive this award is fabulous. When the announcement came in the post I was gobsmacked. I’m one of the world’s workers, we don’t do things like this, we don’t get things like this, we just get on and work! It has been a great day, especially as BHS Scotland recently hosted the Household Cavalry up at Kelso, so to see them in their home as well has been wonderful.”

Ken Law was recognised for creating “Riding Safely”, theUK’s only dedicated equestrian safety newsletter and safety resource centre. The free subscription website represents a valuable resource for riders who are able to discuss a wide variety of equestrian safety issues. In addition to this, Ken also gives his time to help the BHS as a valued member of its Safety Advisory Committee.

 Ken said: “I was very surprised to get the award, I’d seen other people receive it and thought perhaps after 50 years I might get one! I was quite surprised by the citation as well, I didn’t realise the value that Riding Safely is adding not only nationally, but internationally as well.

“What I’d say to anybody is don’t just sit there, put yourself forward. There are too many people who keep their heads below the parapet, If you’re a horse owner and you feel passionate about seeing the horse industry continue, do something about it.”

Well Done, Chris!

 Mr Christopher Hall

Christopher Hall’s commitment to equestrian safety is absolute. He has played an important role in establishing a standard training programme for Riding and Road Safety trainers and examiners, and was an indispensable member of the training team which took the programme nationwide. Chris accepted the responsibility for chairing the Riding and Road Safety Committee and subsequently the Safety Advisory Committee when it was formed in 2009.

In addition to his leadership role in the formulation of safety policy, Chris trains candidates for their test and serves as an examiner for many tests within the East Midlands. He also presents Safety Evenings to BHS members and works closely with the Society on all equestrian safety matters, including risk assessment, first aid at events and Health and Safety legislation.

Chris’s professional involvement in Event Safety has enabled the BHS to keep abreast of current legislation where we may have otherwise found ourselves vulnerable. It is Chris’s commitment and expertise, and seemingly limitless generosity with his time that convinced Trustees that he should receive a Sefton Award. 




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