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Sabella Glitter Gel

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Sabella Stencils 3 - Sabella Glitter Gel

An elegant and eye-catching glitter for your horse’s mane, tail, body, legs, plaits, hooves, eyes and muzzle. You can even use it on your gear to add that extra bling in the ring! Will stay on all day and come right off when you are done. Great for kids, fun rides and Christmas. Many great colours to choose from. Stencil kit also available to make fun shapes.

www.battles.co.uk   01522 529 206Sabella Stencils 3 300x209 - Sabella Glitter Gel

sabella logo colour 300x168 - Sabella Glitter Gel
Sabella all product shot 300x125 - Sabella Glitter Gel

asset 728 90 - Sabella Glitter Gel
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