Are you ready to own a horse? This week’s vlog from Riding with Charlotte

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fb post 150x100 - Are you ready to own a horse? This week's vlog from Riding with CharlotteWelcome to this week’s vlog which looks at if you are really ready to buy your own horse!

Despite being around horses/ riding and competing my whole life, I have never actually owned my own horse.

This vlog will analyse the physiological, financial, emotional and dependable aspects of owning  a horse and why I am personally not ready to buy one and why you may or may not be ready either!

Fear not, for those of you thinking you are not ready to own a horse but really want to spend time around them, there are lots of different solutions available from fully loaning, part loaning or even volunteering at local stables!

Horses are like children, they require daily care, food, love and affection- that’s not only for their chances of survival, but also important if you really want your horse to trust and respect you.

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Thank you for watching this week’s vlog, I hope you found it useful! If you did, please follow my Instagram, Youtube channel and Facebook page which are all ‘Riding with Charlotte’

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