Riding with Charlotte – Fun Flatwork Exercises!

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Hello, welcome to this week’s vlog which aims to spice up your flat work as well as improving your horses listening and balance skills! Whether you’re a novice rider or an experienced rider, these exercises are sure to benefit both you and your horse. If your horse is already very balanced, you can make these exercises more challenging my adding raised poles or jumps in place of the poles.

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     The Butterfly          The Spin Wheel        Figure of Eight

butterfly 150x100 - Riding with Charlotte - Fun Flatwork Exercises!spin wheel 150x100 - Riding with Charlotte - Fun Flatwork Exercises!figure of 8 150x100 - Riding with Charlotte - Fun Flatwork Exercises!


‘Riding with Charlotte’ has joined Equestrian Life Magazine as one of our Bloggers and Vloggers and we are thrilled to bring her take on everyday horse ownership to our readers each week and alo feature her in the magazine.  Riding With Charlotte is very much about the horse owner who is learning and educating themselves to the best of their ability and sharing their knowledge, successes and otherwise.  We hope very much you enjoy Riding With Charlotte every week with usEd!
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