Quorn Hunt Christmas Show jumping report

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Foxy Fairy 620x426 - Quorn Hunt Christmas Show jumping report

 On Sunday 4th December Vale View equestrian centre was overrun by Foxy Fairies, Santas and reindeers, mounted and riding for victory over Beau Wood’s show jump course.  After clear round jumping, Class one, kindly sponsored by R and R Country from Thorpe Arnold near Melton, attracted 31 entries over a 75 cm course. Both young and older riders competed. In third place was Melchior ridden by Hannah Baker. Second was Eddy ridden by Katie Winston and in first place was Mayfield Court Jester with Isobel Agar who is a keen Quorn Hunt Pony Clubber. 

The JBB Electrical sponsored second class followed with the Jumps going up to 100 cm. In first place was Vale View based Molly Summerland on Black Hall Paddy. Second was Rose Bresland on Slaney Slide and in 3rd was another keen Quorn hunting girl, Alice Murfitt on The Pieman.

After a brief break, while a gate was installed in to the arena, the teams changed into their fancy dress outfits and the relay class began. Each team was to jump the 100 cm course, open the gate shouting “Gate Please!” and of course, close the gate. The winner would be the fastest team round with 10 seconds added for each jump knocked down or failure to shout ‘gate please’. The first team in the ring were three Quorn girls, The Foxy Fairies, dressed in tutus and sequins with foxes’ brushes, they set the pace for the afternoon. They were followed by several teams (15 teams in total) dressed as Santa, one team dressed as reindeers and Emma Brown jumping an impeccable clear round side saddle. Most of the teams decided that speed was more important than style or clear rounds. 

Teams from the Belvoir, Cottesmore and Grove and Rufford hunts raced around to win a cash donation to hunt funds and a free day’s hunting with the Quorn. The gate claimed victims all day with one reindeer and one Santa having to dismount to close it! One Santa fell, claiming his red trousers were too slippery to grip the saddle he remounted and completed the course to a great cheer from the crowd. In the end only one team (the reindeers) jumped round with 3 clears but the time taken to close the gate pushed them down to 5th place. The winning team of the class sponsored by G O Cars Ltd was the Cottesmore Chasers, in a time of 210.92. In 2nd place less than 4 seconds behind were the Grove and Rufford Girlies and just 6 seconds later were the Quorn High-flyers.

The Foxy Ladies were clearly the winners of the fancy dress competition. As they left the covert (the arena) ‘Holloas’ could be heard behind them.
The Organisers and the Masters of the Quorn Hunt would like to thank the Class and fence sponsors for making the day possible, the competitors and spectators for their effort and support and all the volunteers too. Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Foxy Fairy 300x208 - Quorn Hunt Christmas Show jumping report

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