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Not Too Late To Revitalise Your Paddock!

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conditioned paddocks 269x300 - Not Too Late To Revitalise Your Paddock!After the driest year for 100 years, it looks as though it might be followed by the wettest. Grass has gone from drought to saturation. This means that grass has suffered, resulting in many grasses becoming weakened and perhaps have even died out. Added to this many fields and paddocks will have been badly poached. Grass, hay and haylage are likely to be in short supply and will be expensive, due to the summer weather.

Can anything be done? Well yes it can. Over sowing can usually be carried out untill the end of September in lowland UK and mid-September in some higher areas. The right grass seed mixture should be chosen. Silage or hay mixtures would not be right for a grazing paddock nor would a grazing mixture be suitable for a field used for haylage.

For a quick repair job a short term mixture could be used. Short term mixtures are usually made up of Italian Ryegrass, Perennial Ryegrass and Hybrid Ryegrass. This type of mixture is quick growing and competitive, so will establish quickly. For a longer term solution a long term grazing mixture specially designed for horses and ponies might be a better solution. This type of mixture will include both longer term grasses and also shorter grasses more suited to horses grazing habits. These grasses might include Creeping Red Fescue, Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass, Hard Fescue as well as some long term pasture Perennial Ryegrass. A kilo of mixed herbs can be added to increase feed diversity.

photo peter 005 224x300 - Not Too Late To Revitalise Your Paddock!Such a mixture is Peter Hunters Newbury Paddock mixture found on the web site www.hunterseeds.com or telephone 07831 442415.


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