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JUDGE Mrs Gail Carmichael TACK & TURNOUT Michelle Coulton Just Louis LEAD REIN PONY Max Longfield Scoobie FIRST RIDDEN Danielle Furniss Horburys Spirit of Merlin RIDDEN PONY Kieran Heslop Winter Tiger Eye RIDING HORSE (Equifest Qualifier) Beth Norman Mackymoo RIDDEN HUNTER Beth Norman Mackymoo RIDDEN COB (Eqifest Qualifier)Michelle Rushton Hillhead Jake RIDDEN PURE/PB ARAB Lucy Norman RIDDEN M&M (Equifest Qualifier)Hannah Ayslych Frosty Cove RIDDEN RE-TRAINED RACEHORSE Amber Major Tiger Rocket RIDDEN VETERAN Liz Moffat Shamus RIDDEN SKEWBALD/PIEBALD(Equifest Qualifier)Beth Norman Mackymoo RIDING CLUB PONY Kieran Heslop Winter Tiger Eye RIDING CLUB HORSE Beth Norman Mackymoo RIDDDEN CHAMPION Beth Norman Mackymoo RESERVE Danielle Furniss Horburys Spirit of Merlin


JUDGE Mr Stephen Howard BEST CONDITION Pony Freya Nicholson Fairy Queen BEST CONDITION Horse Gemma Vernon Wren Lane YOUNG STOCK Jenny Gaskell Leandian Telyor M&M(Equifest Qualifier)G Bolton Wian Suzanna SKEWBALD/PIEBALD(Equifest Qualifier)Darrianne Woolley CB BEST VETERAN Reece Rowland Cadiz BEST MARE Gemma Bateman Black Lady BEST GELDING Michelle Rushton Hillhead Jake BEST YOUNG HANDLER 12&under Lucy D Sophie BEST YOUNG HANDLER over12 Gemma Vernon Wren Lane BONNYPONY/HANDSOME HORSE Molly Whitham Bailey FANCY DRESS Amy Ryalls Black Jack IN HAND CHAMPION Reece Rowland Cadiz RESERVE Gemma Bateman Black Lady


Cadiz is a retired racehorse formerly used by the NRC and now on loan to the Doncaster College animal care department where Reece is a student.Tiger Rocket the winner of the re-trained racehorse class was bought out of Richard Hannon’s yard for which he ran 3 times.Kieren Heslop aged 8 and winner of several rosettes has already enrolled on the Pony Racing Course at NRC and hopes to be a jockey one day.Michelle Rushton winner of the cob class is the instructor of the Rossington Group of RDA which functions on the NRC site.

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