Nominate your SQP for the Virbac Equine SQP of the Year

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Virbac SQP 750x426 - Nominate your SQP for the Virbac Equine SQP of the Year
Virbac SQP
The 2013 Virbac Equine SQP of the Year winner Simon Wetherald with BBC Countryfile presenter Ellie Harrison

Amidst pressure from Europe and increasing concerns over wormer resistance, new legislation has come into force that bans the advertising of wormers to horse and pony owners.

If this leaves you wondering how you are supposed to find out about worming your horse or pony, Don’t Panic! Your prescribing professional (a vet, pharmacist or SQP) is equipped to give you the right help and direction when you need a wormer for your horse and will assist with putting in place the most appropriate programme for you.

An SQP, (suitably qualified person) has undertaken extensive training to be legally entitled to prescribe and supply wormers. They also have to maintain a programme of further education to make sure they keep abreast of current developments. The Virbac Equine SQP of the Year award recognises the dedication of SQP’s and the training that these animal health professionals have undergone to enable them to offer up to date direction and advice to horse owners

‘It is important to recognise that worm control isn’t just about the use of drugs’, said Virbac’s Senior Veterinary Advisor Callum Blair BVMS MRCVS, ‘SQP’s are ideally placed to offer horse owners direction on all aspects of worm control including faecal worm egg counts and pasture management as well as the correct dosage and delivery of wormers’

So, if you think that you are getting excellent advice and direction on worming issues by your SQP and would like to see him or her get special recognition for all their help, then make sure you nominate them for The Virbac Equine SQP of the Year 2014.

Nominating an SQP is easy, just visit click on SQP of The Year and register your vote. You could be in with a chance of winning an iPad, check for details when you make your nomination. You can also record details of your worming programme and use our interactive horse weight calculator to help you gather all the information you need to protect your horse from worm related disease.

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