Nikolaus Beats the Bugs and the Rugs with Ruggle-it!

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Nickolaus, an 11-year-old Clydesdale cross with severe summer itching, has finally beaten the bugs….and the rugs….with Ruggle-it – an all-natural vegetable oil blend plus special soap-free hypoallergenic shampoo that multi-task – soothing, cleansing, re-moisturising and insect repelling and all without any harsh chemicals.

Before trying Ruggle-it, Nikolaus was so itchy he would rub his coat so hard that his rugs were ruined. His owner, Mrs Bowditch of Somerset, tried several products on him, including some from her vet, as well as different designs of rugs but nothing worked.

A much happier NikolausSaid Mrs Bowditch: “Since trying Ruggle-it Oil and Shampoo, we are managing his summer itching.”

“We also made a major decision to leave his coat alone and not rug him at all. He now lives out 24/7 in all weathers, unless there is a very bad storm and we bring him in to avoid injury. I am also sure that this decision helps with his Vitamin D levels too.”

“Nikolaus gets plain feed as he’s a good doer and allergic to so many things – hay and a mixture of dried grass and linseed are about all I can give him alongside his grazing, so it’s nice to know that Ruggle-it is totally natural and does not contain anything that may cause further irritation.”

Ruggle-it can help with up to 18 different skin issues affecting horses, ponies, donkeys, pets, farm animals and humans. So whether it’s head lice, pet fleas, sweet itch, mud and fungal issues, mites, mystery itching and skin troubles at any time of the year, why not give Mother Nature’s Ruggle-it a go – the results and testimonials are very impressive.

Check out our website for further information and advice and testimonials on other difficult animal-care cases or to purchase online – or call 01823 259952.

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