News from HorseWorld: Horses hunt for new homes at HorseWorld’s Rehoming day

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squiggle 225x3001 - News from HorseWorld: Horses hunt for new homes at HorseWorld’s Rehoming day

squiggle 225x3001 150x150 - News from HorseWorld: Horses hunt for new homes at HorseWorld’s Rehoming day

Ever wondered what happens to the horses that are rescued by horse charities? HorseWorld is a leading horse welfare charity and follows the three R’s of rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming meaning that horses that have been successfully rehabilitated and are ready for rehoming, are found happy and experienced new homes in which to thrive. A group of such horses will spend the day at HorseWorld Visitor Centre for the very first time on the charities Rehoming day on Sunday July 1. The very special horses, who have managed to overcome traumatic starts in life, will all be looking for prospective new homes and loving owners.

The Bristol-based charity’s horses usually live at a designated rehabilitation centre just a few minutes from the Visitor Centre, but on Rehoming Day they will be resident at HorseWorld Visitor Centre so this will be a really good opportunity to meet the horses, hear their stories and find out more information about them. You will also be able to book an appointment to carry out a full viewing, with riding if applicable.

Squiggle is one such rescued horse that is looking for a new home. She was rescued in 2009 along with her mum. Squiggle was a young foal and, due to the neglect mare and foal were receiving, Squiggle was too weak to stand. Joanne Vaughan Animal Husbandry Manager at HorseWorld, says: “Squiggle had to be bottle fed in addition to her mother’s milk as sadly Daphne her mum was so ill and weak herself she wasn’t able to produce enough milk for her young foal. HorseWorld staff had to help Squiggle stand every four hours during the night and every two hours during the day to help her feed. Thankfully after a week of dedicated feeding, care and treatment, Squiggle was strong enough to stand unaided, and her mother also started to show improvement.

“Squiggle is now seeking a home as a companion pony. She is not suitable for ridden work due to poor conformation. She is now four years old and is friendly, loves people, and can live with mares or geldings. She can’t be kept on her own, though, and does get stressed in a stable. She can be strong willed and her new owner will need patience. The ideal home would be as a companion to a retired horse that lives out; this would really suit Squiggle and she could then flourish.”

Her mother Daphne has already been successfully rehomed but Squiggle is typical of the companion horses which the charity finds much harder to find a home for. A selection of HorseWorld’s rescued horses and ponies will be at the centre for Rehoming Day, all of whom deserve a home to call their own.

If you are seriously interested in rehoming a horse, you will need to meet set criteria; this information can be found on the rehoming pages of the HorseWorld website. Three such conditions are that you must live within a 1.5 hour drive of HorseWorld, allow the charity to retain ownership of the animal and allow HorseWorld to carry out bi-annual home checks.

For more information about opening times and admission prices, please visit or call 01275 540173. If you are interested in rehoming but are unable to attend, you can fill in an enquiry form from the Rehoming pages of the HorseWorld website.

Daphne and Squiggle 225x300 - News from HorseWorld: Horses hunt for new homes at HorseWorld’s Rehoming dayDaphne and Squiggle arrival 300x225 - News from HorseWorld: Horses hunt for new homes at HorseWorld’s Rehoming day

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