New worming message from Merial: ‘Treat every horse as an individual’

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Harlow – June/27/2012 – Merial’s SMART worming programme helps you to keep track of your horse’s worming regime, monitoring worm burdens and helping you to work out when to treat and with which product. To demystify worming, Merial has also introduced the SMART rules: four simple rules to help you plan an effective worming programme for 2012. Now, Merial takes a closer look at rule number three and explains that autumn is the time to treat every horse as an individual.

They may look similar, but each horse’s burden of worms and susceptibility to worms is different. It is estimated that about 20% of the horses in a herd will carry 80% of the worm burden, so treating all horses at the same time and with the same dose could mean treating some horses unnecessarily. In most cases you should only consider worming an adult horse if the worm egg count is over 200 epg – this can be determined with a faecal worm egg count.

Under the microscope
A worm egg count is a microscopic examination of a dung sample from a horse, to identify and count the number of roundworm eggs present. Worm egg counts help identify which horses are shedding most eggs and in need of treatment. By signing up for free at, you will be alerted when a worm egg count is required and then once sampled and tested, your results will be emailed to you and your planner automatically updated – so you can keep track of each individual horse on the plan.
This SMART planner is now available to download in app format. Just log onto for more information or look out and scan QR codes on this season’s adverts.

Measure up
Ensure you give an accurate dose by calculating the weight of your horses using either a weighbridge or a weigh tape – not all horses need exactly one tube of wormer. Giving too small a dose of wormer increases the risk of resistance. The worms are exposed to treatment at a level that doesn’t kill them but allows them to develop resistance. Alternatively, too large a dose gives no additional benefit. Accurate dosing plus only dosing when needed ensures each horse is treated as an individual. This autumn, you will receive a free Dodson & Horrell weigh tape with every purchase of EQVALAN® Duo, while stocks last.

Sign up to Merial’s free SMART planner at to start managing your horse’s worming smarter today.

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