New Navy Saddle Pad No.1 From Back On Track®

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2138 Saddle Pad No.I Jumping Navy 750x440 - New Navy Saddle Pad No.1 From Back On Track®

2137 Saddle Pad No.I Dressage Navy 300x240 - New Navy Saddle Pad No.1 From Back On Track® Back on Track are proud to present their Saddle Pad No.1 in a brand-new navy colour. Back on Track has harnessed the natural power of the far infrared wave through their unique Welltex™ fabric which is infused with ceramic particles to promote mobility and wellbeing through increased circulation.

The Saddle Pad No.1 comes in both jumping and dressage styles, designed for security, comfort, health and wellbeing. Each Saddle Pad is made from robust cotton/polyester, designed with a high wither and girth strap fitting for extra security, finished with Back on Track’s embroidered logo. Ideal for horses susceptible to stiffness before exercise, the Saddle Pad encourages suppleness and circulation in the horse’s back muscles whilst warming up and during exercise. This relieves muscle tension and supports the overall wellbeing of the horse and aids recovery time.

Back on Track have undertaken numerous tests of the Welltex to ensure that their products contain the required amount of ceramic particles to correctly emit the infra-red ray to provide the wearer with the maximum benefit to the circulatory system. Increased blood circulation can relieve joint tension, maximise performance and help avoid injury.

2137 Saddle Pad No.I Dressage Navy 300x240 - New Navy Saddle Pad No.1 From Back On Track® 2138 Saddle Pad No.I Jumping Navy On Horse 300x218 - New Navy Saddle Pad No.1 From Back On Track®

The Saddle Pad No.1 is just one of the many Back on Track products available for horses, humans and dogs. The range extends from horse rugs to boots and human base layers to joint braces. The canine range includes everything from dog beds to leg braces. Each item is beautifully made and lined throughout with the revolutionary Welltex fabric.

The Saddle Pad No.1 is available in a dressage or jumping styles, in Cob, Full or X Full sizes. Both styles are available in navy, black and white. RRP £64.00 (Inc.VAT)

For more information and a list of UK stockists, visit Our UK Sales Manager Georgia Keegan can be contacted on 07766 463099 or

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