New Features for Parelli Connect

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connect - New Features for Parelli Connect

connect - New Features for Parelli ConnectParelli Connect just keeps getting better and better! The free social networking site for existing Savvy Club members and new members to share their experiences has just been updated with the latest features.

The new ‘LIKE’ button was one of the most requested features. Now you can “like” to your heart’s content. You will only see the like button on other peoples’ wall posts.

The new and improved locator in now more accurate than ever and allows you to connect with people near you. Parelli Connect now uses your ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) location information which is often very accurate. This feature will be super helpful for people traveling.

Once you’ve set your location, you can search by distance in a variety of ways. Each one of the tabs along the top will give you different information.

You can check local ‘Updates’, this will allow you to see conversations and posts of people nearby. You can also view other members, horses, their horsemanship activity and their photos, all from your area.

Invite your friends to try Parelli Connect by sending them an email. We’ve added a link on your wall to let you do just that. So help Parelli spread the word… and remember, once they hit 30,000 members they are going to donate $1 Million worth of educational materials to four main equine causes.

The tasks have also have an update and been improved. Horsemanship tasks now have their own tab along the top. Once you are in there, you can now choose to view your tasks by savvy. And once you have ticked a task, it doesn’t disappear.

Email notifications went up another notch too. Now you can choose to get notifications based on many different factors including when someone else comments on a post that you’ve commented on. You can set your choices on what you want to get emails for in your “Settings” found along the top right of the page.

The progress tab has gone and been replaced with the new horsemanship tab on the members wall. Posts made by members to any of their horse’s wall will also be collated into this horsemanship tab on their own wall, as well as being recorded on their horse’s wall. This will provide a single view of a person’s horsemanship updates instead of having to go look at each individual horse’s wall. Posts you make on other people’s horse’s wall will also appear here.

Check out the new “Resources” page that have digital versions of our Savvy Times magazine and our Savvy Lesson videos.

Lastly, there’s the new Parelli Central Team link on the side rail for easy access to all the team here at Parelli. Feel free to post and tell us which new features you like best!

With all these new updates and features added you will love the new and improved Parelli Connect.

Visit  to find out how to access the site pages to create your own personal free account and accounts for additional members.

We look forward to meeting you inside!

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