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Making a difference to seriously wounded servicemen and women

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screenshot mattanthonyphotography.shootproof.com 2020.01.14 14 35 03 150x100 - Making a difference to seriously wounded servicemen and womenBEDE Events is proud to be supporting The Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Benevolent Fund (DMRC) in 2020.

Based at Stanford Hall in Nottinghamshire, DMRC is the UK’s leading and world-renowned military rehabilitation centre. Originally established in 1949 to treat injured pilots and aircrew, it has developed into a tri-service organisation with a weekly patient cohort of 120, treating a range of injuries, including significant life-changing disabilities.

Each of the patients has their own personal story of their journey through rehabilitation. However, they all share one common goal as they climb the rehabilitation mountain: maximising their potential for their future. For some that may mean sporting and professional achievements, for others it is simply to be able to live independently or be able to support their families.

The DMRC Benevolent Fund gives patients and staff the opportunity to purchase items that are not accessible via any other means.

Everyone’s future is hugely important. Right now, the DMRC Benevolent Fund aims to prepare patients to face their challenges through support, equipment and social opportunities. The competitive nature of our military personnel is captured by these initiatives and the therapeutic outcomes are subsequently outstanding.

screenshot mattanthonyphotography.shootproof.com 2020.01.14 14 33 19 300x290 - Making a difference to seriously wounded servicemen and womenBede managing director, Stuart Buntine, said: “This charity is absolutely amazing, helping those who serve our country, ensuring the road to rehabilitation is less traumatic and less isolating. They really do make a difference”

The DMRC Benevolent Fund trustees and committee are comprised of volunteers, from serving military, MOD civilian staff currently working at DMRC and wider civilian backgrounds. From the Command Team and clinicians to the administrative staff; the fantastic volunteers manage and run the charity alongside their full-time primary roles at DMRC.

The Team at BEDE is looking forward to supporting this hugely beneficial charity through their leading equestrian events across the UK.

Help BEDE to help DMRC make a difference.

For more information, visit https://www.dmrcbenfund.co.uk/

asset 728 90 - Making a difference to seriously wounded servicemen and women
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