Local Girl Can Finally Ride Again! The Pony That Wouldn’t Accept a Saddle

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Local schoolgirl Mia Lee, 12, was so excited when her mother bought her a pony, Oscar, a 7 year old Connemara. But from the very start he was difficult to tack up, dancing around when Mia tried to put his saddle on. But then one day, a freak accident brought it all to a head.Monty Roberts Image

As Mia tightened her girth, Oscar was stung by a hornet and panicked. “All hell broke loose’, said mother Maria, “he was rearing and kicking, and I screamed to my daughter to get out!”. From that day forward Oscar refused to have his saddle put on, and Mia was unable to ride her beloved pony.

Having seen American horse trainer Monty Roberts on the TV, Maria contacted his UK representatives, Intelligent Horsemanship, who put her in touch with local Lincoln-based IH Recommended Associate Garry Bosworth.

Just over a week later Garry came to work with Oscar. “I have to admit when I first saw Garry (who isn’t a very tall chap) I thought Oscar was going to make mince meat out of him, rearing and bucking etc. I was actually concerned for his safety.” confessed Maria.

But Garry used Monty Roberts’ kind but effective techniques to calmly help Mia and Oscar work together. Just a few weeks later and Mia is back to safely riding and jumping with Oscar. “A few tears of joy were shed, I have to say!” said her mother.

You can see Monty Roberts working with horses first hand for yourselves, as he is currently in the UK for his popular Autumn Tour, ready to inspire audiences across the country (including 29th September at Arena UK, Allington, Lincs). This year the theme is ‘From My Hands to Yours’ – sharing his secrets and vast experience to show you how you can produce your OWN safe and willing partner.

Monty Roberts, recently honoured by The Queen, has helped countless leisure and professional riders alike, in various disciplines from Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping to Racing. Working alongside him will be Kelly Marks, his UK based No 1 Instructor. Why not come along and find out for yourself how they can help you improve your performance and relationship with YOUR horse too?

For more information and tickets, go online at www.intelligenthorsemanship.co.uk or call 01488 71300.

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