Likit Shows its Serious Side

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Likit Tongue Twister in use 750x426 - Likit Shows its Serious Side

Likit Tongue Twister in useLikit Products have long been used to reduce the stress and boredom associated with stable life and further weight has now been added to this reasoning. A recent American study looked at chronic crib biting in adult horses and the various environmental influences that may affect this behaviour. Likit stable toys were offered to horses during the trial and it was found that the Tongue Twister ‘significantly decreased cribbing’.

Dr Derek Cuddeford, consultant to Likit Products, explained the findings: “The horses used in the trial spent an average of 23% of their time cribbing; that is about 5.5 hours in every 24. Attempts were made to reduce cribbing activity by exercising the horses. However, 10 minutes of cantering had no effect and 20 minutes of canter work led to a considerable increase in crib biting. In contrast, licking the Tongue Twister effectively reduced cribbing activity by 27%.

“Crib biting has a range of negative effects and indicates reduced welfare at some point in the horse’s life. It’s important to note that the beneficial effect of the Tongue Twister was measured in horses with fixated abnormal behaviour. Because the Tongue Twister encourages foraging activity in the stable, it is quite possible that the likelihood of any horse or pony developing abnormal behaviours be reduced. Thus, the welfare of any stabled equine should be improved through the provision of stable toys.”

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