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Keep positive with Mindset Coach Tara Punter

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Mindset with Tara Punter
JVP 9804 150x100 - Keep positive with Mindset Coach Tara PunterWant more good? You need to see more good.
Ever wondered how some people have ALL the luck? All the success? All the joy? It’s thanks, in part, to the law of attraction. The law of attraction states that like attracts like and that what we focus on expands, so if you can train your mind to always focus on the good things then that’s what you’re going to manifest more of. So, instead of seeing this time from a negative place, try to look for the good things. With everything that happens always, always look for the good: What can be learnt from it? How can this help or support you right now? Be mindful of your thoughts and ALWAYS look for the positives!
The power of the gratitude
The current events are so out of our control, it can feel like a really scary time. It can feel like things are consistently going wrong and not our way at all, which can obviously be really challenging! It’s so important that we’re still being grateful for all that we have. Be grateful for the abundance of time we now have, be grateful for video to keep in touch with friends and family, be grateful for all you have right now. So I challenge you to start each day with 5 gratitudes so you’re commencing the day from a positive place. Sometimes your gratitudes can be having a roof over your head, tea bags in the cupboard or the friends you can still speak to via video chat. Start the day from the right space and the rest will flow into place. Also try finishing every day with gratitudes too!
Do things that make you happy
This sounds really simple doesn’t it! Now we do have more time, its time to really do things that make us happy. Love music? Play it loud! Love being outside? Get outside! Love having a good old sort of your tack room? Do it! Make sure you’re doing things safely and complying with government advice but do still do things that make you happy. My perfect day includes horse time, dog time, music, sunshine and being outdoors. So if its a lovely day I’ll see if I can spend more time doing those things if I don’t have too many coaching calls booked in!
Tara Best, founder & director of Tara Punter PR is a mindset and marketing whizz! Her positive approach in these uncertain times is keeping her network of coaching clients and social media fans going. Here’s her weekly tip to help make the most of the world we live in at the moment, and, for a daily dose of positivity why not head to Tara’s Instagram feed: instagram.com/tarapunterpr
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