Jumping Into a New Dimension

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Fleeceworks FXK Jump GP full pad 750x426 - Jumping Into a New Dimension

Fleeceworks FXK Jump GP full padThe NEW Fleeceworks FXK Full Pad from on-line retailer Shadow Horse is a gorgeous new saddle pad created specifically for the showjumper. It combines technology and performance with stylish good looks.

Created with the finest Australian merino sheepskin, Fleeceworks sheepskin is not only super dense and soft, but also far more robust than lambskin and superior in its breathability and overall performance, making for a more comfortable experience for the horse.

The chemically untreated sheepskin is also ideal for horses with sensitive skin and is cut shorter than most on the market, giving the shorter dense hair incredible cushioning qualities, which also stops the sheepskin matting over time and offers extra protection against impact when landing after fences. The inch thick sheepskin is also sheared underneath the area, where the rider’s leg lies, to allow for uncompromised contact with the horse’s side. This attention to detail is also seen with the ‘break’ in the rolled edge of the pad, around the girth area which allows again for a close cut feel and easy girthing whilst in the saddle. The thinner hind, which has been carefully tanned to lengthen and enhance the life of the product, further adds to this half pad’s appeal, allowing for improved flexibility and breathability. The complete sheepskin coverage also dispels any pressure points caused by gullet-free channel seaming.

Incorporating their very own ‘FXK’ technology, the pad features a clever internal vertical elastic strip, which allows the pad to move with the horse’s movement, in-between and over fences, without rubbing, slipping or pulling down and causing pressure along the spine, whilst helping to keep the pad in place.

RRP: £157.00 Black, White, Natural & Cream Sizes: One size

www.shadowhorse.co.uk 01628 857 466


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