Jump at Liberty for life, not just for a season!

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Bliss LIBERTY JUMP 1Buying a Bliss of London saddle is not ‘just another purchase’, it is an evolving investment which can be the difference between average and top performance levels. Long term customer support from carefully chosen saddle fitters, innovative designs that are custom made and most importantly a beautiful fit for you and your horse set the bespoke, English saddlery company apart, and the Liberty Jump Saddle is testament to these beliefs.

In order to enable your horse to jump as effortlessly, comfortably and successfully as you would like there are many factors to be considered, with the correct saddle being a key element. The Liberty Jump Saddle has been designed with contact and freedom in mind, from the luxurious French Calf leather seat, available in semi deep or flat seat options, to the close contact English panel design which allows riders to develop a close affinity with their horse.

The independent straining of the tree used in the Liberty Jump Saddle gives the ultimate ‘blissful’ balance point for maximum comfort for both horse and rider, helping to promote a harmonious feel. Elegant design touches have been added such as the Liberty signature ‘swish’ twin stitch lines and the 100% pure new wool flocking provides quality and easy adjustment whenever necessary.

When choosing the Liberty Jump Saddle, or any of the Bliss of London collection, you can expect to receive exceptional customer service and support throughout the process and well beyond receipt of your saddle. Adopting a very different approach to many other manufacturers, Bliss of London do not view their saddles as ‘a simple sale’. Each and every product is custom-made to the unique specifications of horse and rider, with our experienced saddle fitters able to fit combinations of totally differing and irregular profiles, because no horse, rider or saddle is ever the same.

Bliss of London Saddles are not simply delivered; they are carefully fitted and checked. Selected consultants use their knowledge and experience to assess the effects that the saddle has on the horse whilst static and in motion, as well as holding the skill to make changes through wool flocking adjustments to allow for muscle regeneration and development. The fitting process is followed up routinely throughout the lifespan of the saddle to ensure clients are totally happy with their investment.

The Liberty Jump Saddle starts at £3,000. For more information or to find out how you can invest in a Bliss of London saddle visit www.bliss-of-london.com, call 0207 118 8123, or ‘like’ join the Bliss of London community on Facebook: www.facebook.com/BlissofLondon

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