Jo & Kirsty Snelling’s Showing Experiences

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Jasmines Concours Outfit 750x426 - Jo & Kirsty Snelling’s Showing Experiences

Hi Everyone!

Well, what a different start to the summer we’ve had this month. I’m sure it’s far from the glorious May we were all expecting and it’s certainly put a bit of a dampener on our competing plans. Not only have several venues had to cancel their shows, we’ve had to make the occasional decision to bow out due to bad ground. So it’s been hard for us to get in our necessary qualifying shows and we are hoping that the coming month will give us some better opportunities.

It’s not just the venues we have been struggling with either, it’s schooling at home that’s a problem too. Mainly due to the fact that we only possess summer grazing for the horses and no arena facilities for wet days. Because of this, the horses have been getting less than their fair share of work! It’s a very good thing that they are usually safe and sensible straight from the stable.

Bright & Beautiful
On a brighter note, May has brought some exciting opportunities to our door. I’m now very pleased to say we are being sponsored by Divine Browbands, a company specialising in hand-made, bespoke show browbands and accessories. It’s a fabulous opportunity and we are greatly looking forward to working with them. So Jasmine (our 15.2hh, dark bay Irish sports mare) will be wearing some brand new show bling for 2012!

The other exciting thing for us this month is the well timed arrival of Jasmine’s Concours dress. Sporting her usual colours of Burgundy and Gold, we couldn’t be happier with the finished design. Our dress has been designed by Di Drysdale, owner of Equestrienne D’Elegance. Di specialises in hand-making, made-to-measure, bespoke Concours outfits for you and your horse. Anyone considering dipping a toe into the world of Concours D’elegance this year should consider her for the job, our outfit is stunning and exactly what we envisioned. Look out for us wearing our brand new gear at some upcoming events.

Surprisingly to us, Jasmine has taken to the rider wearing her Concours dress very well. Unfortunately she is a spooky horse when it some to flapping objects and we call her condition ‘Rosette Phobia’ as she likes to look sideways at her well-earned ribbons! It’s alright, anyone with a similar horse to Jaz should just tuck in the ribbon tails under the cheek-piece so that the horse can’t catch them flapping in the corner of their eye, it works a treat for Jaz!

After successfully picking a bright day on Bank Holiday Monday we boxed up the horses and travelled over to Elms Farm, Caythorpe. It was the only opportunity we seemed to be presented with to take the horses out and get them seen, so we jumped at the chance as soon as the sun was shining. We decided to take Jacob (our three-year-old, coloured gelding) and Nibbles (our part-bred M&M) for the in-hand classes. Since the in-hand was taking place before the ridden in two different rings it was a juggle to make sure we got the right horse in the right class. We managed it successfully and although the weather turned a little bit bad we still managed to have a good day. Nibbles earned both a very respectable second and fourth place in both his classes and unfortunately Jake didn’t manage to earn himself a ribbon. This didn’t come as a huge surprise to us as it was only his second ever show, but it’s nice to get a little bit of experience under his belt.

After the in-hands came to a close, Jasmine was allowed to finally come out of the lorry and stretch her legs. After some preening she was all set to show the world what she was capable of. Due to the rain, we were asked to ride in the indoors ring, something that Jasmine doesn’t really get to experience very often. After being on her toes for a little while, she soon settled into her job, winning three of her classes and earning herself a very respectable second in the last one. The competition on the day was of a high standard with the exception of some very fresh horses. It was evident that it wasn’t just us struggling with the weather!

All in all, it was another good day for our small crew and much experience was gained, that’s the main thing. Hopefully we will soon have some qualifiers come our way and Jaz can really settle into her job of showing off!

We are very excited to be judging the Equestrian Life Qualifiers over at Faldingworth Equestrian Centre this coming weekend. With all fingers crossed, we hope that the weather holds out and gives us another bright day. We look forward to seeing you there with some lovely horses!

Take Care

Kirsty and Jo (Snelling)

Jasmines Concours Outfit 300x167 - Jo & Kirsty Snelling’s Showing ExperiencesNibbles In Hand 300x225 - Jo & Kirsty Snelling’s Showing Experiences

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