Itching? Stop It Naturally with Ruggle-it!

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SP1TrioTRIGGER 3 BriCr1530CR 221x300 - Itching?  Stop It Naturally with Ruggle-it!Does your dog suffer with itchy, scurfy skin? Perhaps he chews his paws and rubs his ears until they are really sore? If you can’t spot any fleas then the cause is very likely to be mites (especially the invisible Millennium Mite) and so harsh chemical spot-on-type flea products will rarely work and may even cause cell damage, particularly if used frequently.

Ruggle-it – a 100% natural vegetable oil mixture and pioneering soap-free, ultra-mild shampoo – has proven very effective on many issues, including irritated and itchy dog and cat feet and ears, minor wounds, mites, ticks, fleas, hair loss, crusty lumps, hot skin and even for horse and pet summer itching, mud and fungal issues as well as head lice. It can also help prevent infestations before they occur.

Said Neil Taylor, of North Lincolnshire: “My Jack Russell started to go frantic, scratching and biting his tail and feet about a month ago. The skin under his belly was so red and hot that he would lie on his back to try and cool down. A course of antibiotics and strong shampoo from the vets had no effect, so I gave Ruggle-it a try. Within a week he was almost back to normal, the redness had gone and he is hardly scratching at all – a much happier little dog, thanks to Ruggle-it.”

Ruggle-it’s scientifically identified properties include being anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant, but even more important is that they are free from any harsh chemicals and tea tree which can themselves be skin irritants. Being so gentle they can be used on babies and puppies over eight weeks old or even the super-fragile skin of elderly humans!

Little Jack 300x218 - Itching?  Stop It Naturally with Ruggle-it!By using Ruggle-it shampoo and oil, your dog will not only have a tangibly lustrous and shiny clean coat, but his skin will also be soothed and moisturized, naturally. You can even mix up some shampoo with the oil and dilute with lots of water to make a highly effective fly, mite and bug spray, which can also be used on horses, humans, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. as well as on kennels, hutches, chicken huts, stables and barns. Whether using neat or diluted, you have at least 18 uses for Ruggle-it be it for pets, horses, farm animals or humans.

Prices start at £29.91 for a Pet Starter Pack of shampoo and salve which can provide up to one year of ‘treatments’, as well as saving you buying any more flea products!

For an impressively long list of testimonials and more information on all the naturally inspired Ruggles & Stopitall Ltd products including probiotics, superfood and arthritis products, or to shop online, please visit

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