Is your horse or pony insured? 

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petcoveruk 750x440 - Is your horse or pony insured? 

petcoveruk 150x100 - Is your horse or pony insured? Have you considered using an equine insurance broker to help find the right insurance for you?

Insurance can be boring and seem an unnecessary cost before an issue, but when in place it can give you peace of mind and financial assistance when things go wrong.

So why should you get horse insurance? Here are the 6 main reasons:

  • Vet fee claims are always increasing – from our experience, claims are often in excess of £2,000 and lameness is the most frequent cause of claim and claim costs often run high due to diagnostics rather than the actual treatment.
  • In the unfortunate event that your horse/pony needs to be put to sleep, an insurance policy can reimburse you for the value of the horse subject to it meeting BEVA guidelines
  • Cover if the horse is lost by theft or straying and not recovered within a set period
  • Public Liability is there to protect from claims by other people for which you are legally liable in the eyes of the law
  • Permanent loss of use will cover you if your horse has an accident BUT does not have to be put to sleep under the BEVA guidelines
  • Personal accident cover is generally for you and anyone who is riding the horse with your permission

To avoid being denied for a claim or even invalidate your policy, here are some of the most common blunders you shouldn’t make whilst taking out insurance for your horse or pony.

  • Non-disclosure – this means giving the wrong (or no information at all) about pre-existing conditions
  • Policy conditions – you will often have to abide by a certain set of conditions, so make sure you have a copy of all your vaccinations, worming etc. in your horse’s passport and a receipt from annual dental examinations as you may have to demonstrate these when your horse requires treatment.
  • Doubling up on insurance – Although this isn’t illegal, it can cause a claim to be delayed. It can affect two in particular: public liability and tack insurance. If you’re already a member of the British Dressage, then you should already be covered for public liability. And with tack insurance, if you keep it at home, this should be covered by your home insurance.
  • Forgetting to update your policy – make sure you inform your insurer of any changes to your information, otherwise it could be denied in the event of a claim.
  • Not insuring at all – this could leave you with thousands of pounds worth of vet bills. Insuring your horse gives you peace of mind and financial assistance when things go wrong.

Here at Julie Andrews Horse Insurance Services, we help guide you through the (somewhat daunting) insurance process, we cut through the jargon with a personalised service and helpful tips along the way following many years of knowledge and experience within the equestrian industry. We have chosen to work with a select panel of leading insurers who will offer you the cover and service you require and more importantly, in the event of a claim, we can assist, track and keep you updated on the claims process whether it be for your horse, trailer, horsebox or breakdown.

Visit our website or give us a call on 01444 708836 to speak to our friendly team today!

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