Introducing The New Ardall SR2 For safer riders and happier horses.

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Ardall SR2 540x426 - Introducing The New Ardall SR2 For safer riders and happier horses.

Ardall SR2 158x300 - Introducing The New Ardall SR2 For safer riders and happier horses.Last autumn saw the launch of one of the most innovative equestrian products to hit the market for quite some time – the Ardall Safety Rider. Now the same company has just launched a new version – the Ardall SR2, which has added features that further enhance the training of particularly nervous and spooky horses.

Designed in Ireland by experienced horseman Paul Murphy, the Ardall is designed to help prevent serious rider injury when breaking and training horses. The Ardall allows a horse to be trained to accept the presence of a person on its back, without putting a rider in the dangerous position of being on board a panicked, bucking and potentially dangerous youngster. The Ardall also has significant benefits for ongoing training of performance horses, for muscle development or for bringing horses back to full fitness after injury. If you lunge or long rein horses on a regular basis, then the Ardall will soon become an essential piece of equipment that you will wonder how you ever lived without!

The new Ardall SR2 has the added feature of a foldable torso that offers the option of being used folded at half height, or erect at full height. This makes it ideal for particularly nervous horses as the Ardall SR2 can be introduced at the lower, folded height and once the horse is comfortable and confident, it can be unfolded to sit erect at full height and so give the horse the proper feeling of having a rider on its back.

T he original Ardall has been re-engineered to save on materials and production costs and to be slightly shorter, which has allowed the price to be dramatically reduced. Down from €669, the Ardall is now only €490. There is also a 10% introductory offer on the Ardall SR2, making it just €558, which will run for a limited period.

ArdallSR2 2 300x168 - Introducing The New Ardall SR2 For safer riders and happier horses.For more information see or call Paul on +353 66 9767234.

Ardall have some user videos and testimonials available to view on YouTube at

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