How Equilab can help with your training and improve safety

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Frame 24 750x440 - How Equilab can help with your training and improve safety

Frame 24 150x100 - How Equilab can help with your training and improve safetyWhy should you use Equilab when you train? What does Equilab offer, and what is its benefits?

The equestrian community is filled with dedicated participants, but they are often overlooked. With Equilab, we hope to have created a great tool for beginners and professionals alike who want to improve their training and care for their horse’s wellbeing in the best possible way. The app can also be used for riders that have suffered an injury, to help track their rehabilitation process.

To do so, we utilise artificial intelligence to help capture the movement of the rider and the horse, tracking everything from gait and turn distribution to the intensity of stride and the variation of the surface beneath them. Simply turn on the app and allow it to rest in your pocket while you are out hacking or training.

Equilab Image. 300x157 - How Equilab can help with your training and improve safety

Based on the information collated about your training session, the app will give you the possibility to analyse your training pattern, which will help you to optimise and improve over time.

The app gives the rider the opportunity to know exactly how they are performing by looking at training patterns before a successful competition or even before an injury. They also have the opportunity to share the information with their coach or veterinarian, which can be very valuable.

Also, if you co-own a horse, Equilab allows you to share insights into your training with other riders, which again helps you provide better care for your horse, and to learn from another. Coaches, parents, and other people that are involved in your progress can also be added to the app, to follow how you are doing.

How can the app help to improve safety?

In line with the official launch to the UK in December 2018, we released our Premium version with new features. Giving users access to the ‘safety tracking’ and ‘calendar’ feature.

The safety tracking feature makes it possible for riders to share their location through the app in real time with  family members or friends, to help ensure that they make it safely back home to the stable. The person tracking the rider will not only be able to see the physical location of the rider, but also the gait and turn distribution, and then distance ridden.

We decided to develop this feature because injuries while riding are a serious problem in the equestrian community. We also find that a lot of riders enjoy hacking on their own, and with this feature riders can do this while still knowing that family and friends can track them and make sure they are safe.

Our other Premium feature is the customisable calendar that allows you to schedule veterinarian and farrier visits, stable work, competitions, lessons. All training sessions are also automatically logged, and the whole calendar can be shared with family members and co-riders, making it easier for you and anyone else involved in your progression organised and up-to-date.

We hope to have addressed both the training and safety aspect of horse riding, as well as the wellbeing of the horse and its rider, and with the newly launched Premium version, I think that we are well underway.

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