Innovative holders from the Horslyx stable

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Horslyx 15kg holder  750x440 - Innovative holders from the Horslyx stable

Horslyx 15kg holder  150x100 - Innovative holders from the Horslyx stableHorslyx Balancers are loved by horses and their owners and support optimum health with a forage-based diet, but did you know the brand also sells helpful lick holders? The Horslyx Holders are perfect for keeping the range of Balancers clean and accessible. The 5kg and 15kg Horslyx Holders are designed to ensure that the Balancer blocks stay clean and free from mud, debris and hay so that they are easy for horses to access in both the field and the stable. The Horslyx Holders are robust and designed to be used time and time again without breaking.

The 5kg Horslyx Holder (£38.00) is designed to contain one 5kg Horslyx Balancer in an easy-to-install robust plastic mount you can attach to a fence or internal wall of the stable. This ensures the Balancer is kept away from hooves, hay and other stable debris so that nothing is wasted.  The 5kg Holder is totally reusable and includes a detachable restrictor grill which can be put in place for horses and ponies who might otherwise over consume their Horslyx Balancer.

The 15kg Horslyx Holder (above) (£19.99) is a reusable and robust plastic holder design to hold one 15kg Balancer block. It can be used for floor feeding on the stable or field, where it is simply placed on the ground in a flat area. It is ideal for groups of horses turned out together, ensuring they can all access clean and mud-free Horslyx Balancer.

Horslyx 5kg holder  300x225 - Innovative holders from the Horslyx stableGillian Wardle from Horslyx comments: “The Horslyx Holders are a great way to ensure that every last lick of our Balancers get used. It is really easy to move the Balancer from the tubs they come in into the holders and once they’re in, they will soon ‘cold flow’ to match the form of their surroundings. That means that, even though when you first place the lick in the holder there will be a small gap around it, the Balancer will ‘flow’ out to fill the gap. This ensures that the lick will be firmly held in place, no matter how enthusiastic your horse is!”

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