Horse communicator reveals what happens when she connects with animals

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Animal Intuitive and Coach, Rachael Beesley is blessed with an uncanny accurate ability to communicate remotely with horses – as well as other animals – through their photographs.  For the first time, Rachael has revealed through a series of videos the full impact her gift gives animals and their owners seeking answers, insights and/or a deeper connection.

Have you ever wondered if your horse or animal could speak, what they would say to you? 

What it would be like to have insight into why they’re behaving in a certain way, confirmation on a gut feeling you have, or answers to your questions?

Hear why others chose to connect with their animals through a remote reading and coaching call with Rachael:

The videos reveal how she has helped animals and their owners – from saving a horse from being put to sleep, to helping an owner through their anxiety problems, manifested when a pet exhibited symptoms of illness.

“He’d been ready to say his goodbyes” –

It is said that horses are the only animal who will teach you more about yourself than about them. This extends to Rachael’s connections as her clients are often surprised by their horse’s focus on them, taking the opportunity to offer insights and guidance on all aspects of their life. 

Hear how a remote reading and coaching call positively affects your relationship and how you know it’s them:

Rachael says: “I first realised I had this fascinating and accurate gift a few years ago, and ever since then, I have been using it to help horses and their owners to deepen their connection and improve their relationship.

“The overarching message that comes across in the series of videos is that what happens as a result of the readings is unexpected, and far deeper than people imagine. Most think that the horse will tell them they don’t like a particular rug, or that they don’t get on with another horse, but it’s much more than that. It’s a connection which is felt on a very personal level and takes them to a whole new level of understanding.

 “Something special happens in those calls making a difference to both horse and person and I’m just delighted to be able to facilitate that. Quickly identifying the root of a problem through communication instantly makes a difference to both horse and person and often people book a reading out of sheer curiosity and a desire to give their horse a voice in this way.”   

To book your own remote Reading & Coaching Call with Rachael simply visit:

You can view the full range of videos – including mini video highlights and Rachael’s full Facebook “Live” video event where she connects with horses she’s never met through their photographs, sharing their messages with their owners – on her website:,

as well as her Facebook page  and YouTube channel

Rachael has recently expanded her offering through the creation of the Equisentient Coaching Cards, a 44-Card Deck & Guidebook that feature the messages that she’s recounted from wild American horses, allowing you to tap into their wisdom and healing knowledge for comfort, guidance and inspiration.

What are the Equisentient Coaching Cards and how can they help you?

A unique mindfulness and coaching tool, the cards can be used on a daily basis, or just when the need arises.  Each message recounted in the accompanying guidebook, provides multi-layered answers which can be used time and again to help you move forward in your life.

The Equisentient Coaching Cards are available now via with worldwide delivery!

As a thank you to the horses who participated in the creation of these cards, 40% of the net profits of any card deck sold goes directly to the Return to Freedom Wild Horse Conservation:

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