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Hidden Dangers in Sherwood Pines Deerdale Wood

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Zoe Cobb - Hidden Dangers in Sherwood Pines Deerdale Wood

Zoe Cobb 150x150 - Hidden Dangers in Sherwood Pines Deerdale WoodPlease be aware that there has been wood with nails drilled in them being put in the forest to pop the tyres of motorbikes . Whoever is doing this please stop!!… Yesterday on a ride my pony stood on one of these and it has punctured the sole of his foot and has made him really lame this happened in Sherwood pines/ deer dale wood. We don’t want anyone else to go through what we had to deal with yesterday as Grace and I were by ourselves in the wood trying to get the nails out of his foot while he was rearing. PLEASE SHARE THIS to stop whoever is doing this and to make sure it does not happen to anyone else. Thankyou

asset 728 90 - Hidden Dangers in Sherwood Pines Deerdale Wood
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